21 Workers At Chain Restaurants Reveal The Items People Should Never, Ever Order

There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than going out to eat with your family and friends. Whether it’s visiting a new restaurant or returning to an old favorite, nothing beats dining out.

Unfortunately, according to the employees at some of your favorite restaurants, these places might not be as safe as they appear to be. Certain chain restaurants have all sorts of different tricks to help them save a buck, but they could be costing you big time!

Find out from the people who work there every day which dishes you should absolutely avoid when you go out to eat. These employees put it all on the line for your health…

1. “Seafood specials or buck-a-shuck oysters. It means, ‘My seafood delivery is tomorrow, and I’m trying to get rid of my old stock.'” Even if you are a passionate lover of seafood, this has to be enough of a scoop to keep you away from the stuff!

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