Take A Look Inside The Million-Dollar Mansion That’s Actually Full Of Nightmares

Just about anyone in their right mind would jump at the chance to live in a luxurious mansion. Typically reserved for the rich and the famous, mansions are known for having everything one could desire right under their expansive roofs.

One recently listed $1.2 million house in Richmond, Texas, however, is drawing a lot of attention from people on social media platforms for far different reasons. In fact, this is one home the realtor probably doesn’t want you to know about.

When you enter, you’ll immediately see why no one is exactly jumping at the chance to live here…

Unless you’re rich and famous, there’s a good chance that you can only daydream about living in a $1.2 million mansion in your lifetime. Yet, even those rare few who can afford to buy this home in Richmond, Texas, aren’t exactly jumping at the opportunity.

Set behind a black gate with a beautiful winding driveway, this fairly priced mansion appears to be a dream home for most people. As they say, however, you should never judge a book by its cover, because as soon as you enter the seemingly luxurious home, you’ll see why potential buyers are instantly heading for the exit.

Walking into the house, visitors quickly notice that the living room looks like a hoarder might be living there. Considering that they want people to buy the home, the realtor might want to advise the sellers to spruce the place up a bit…

While the hoarding is obviously a major deterrent in attracting potential buyers, it’s not the clutter that’s driving people away. Go on and take a closer look. Do you see it? No, those aren’t real people standing in the photograph…

They’re actually headless mannequins, and they’re adorning practically every single nook and cranny of each room in the mansion. Clearly, this one apparently lost her head in one of the books in the massive library!

And just in case you require someone to stand guard while you’re taking a bath, you won’t have to worry. That mannequin is more than willing to keep a lookout while you freshen up…

Since the home was listed by Re/Max Fine Properties on July 10, it has become somewhat of a social media sensation, and for good reason. Further research, however, shows that it belongs to an unidentified area artist who clearly doesn’t mind bringing their work home with them.

Unfortunately for potential buyers, they just have to imagine what the home would look like without all of the unnecessary and creepy clutter. Though, the staging of the home occasionally offers some oddball appeal—like a maid cleaning your bathroom…

Let’s hope that you don’t have any issues getting to sleep at night. The mannequins in this room aren’t exactly going to induce sweet dreams. You might have to do a little bit of extra work to doze off every night when you have this sort of company.

The game room and living room combination looks inviting enough, but you’ll probably flip out when you see the mannequin child riding a tricycle and dangling from the ceiling above. So much for playing some pool and watching Twin Peaks on the TV; the episodes are coming to life in your own home!

While there are obvious red flags that would turn off any buyer in their right mind, the realtor, Diana Power, is hoping that people see the potential of the home. And, according to her, they have. Evidently, she receives calls roughly every 30 seconds looking for information. “I think that the person who will end up buying this house can see the forest from the trees,” she said in an interview.

While it might not be the dream luxury home that most people would imagine, hopefully with a little imagination, someone will convert this place into the welcoming, beautiful home it has the potential to be.

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