12 Little-Known Netflix Hacks That Everyone Should Be Using

The rise of Netflix, in the eyes of its legions of users, was the best thing to happen to entertainment in a good long while. The amount of choices available in terms of movies and television shows that you could watch at your leisure is staggering.

This is especially true now that it’s gone from being a physical delivery service to streaming. Yet many of its most loyal users may not know how to use it best!

That’s where these 12 Netflix hacks come in. Just when you thought Netflix couldn’t get any better…

1. Netflix Enhancement Suite: This free, downloadable service has all sorts of features that can improve your viewing choices, including IMDB links, trailers, and official ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.

2. Use an unblocker: Certain movies and television shows are only available to stream in certain countries, but if you use the free app Smartflix or pay for Media Hint (which may be more secure, so is probably a better choice), you can trick Netflix into believing you’re logging in from another country.

3. Flix Roulette: It’s easy to waste hours just searching for the right show to watch on Netflix. This app makes it easier by randomizing the process while also letting you filter titles through actors, directors, and even keywords.

4. Buffering workarounds: There’s only so much you can do to make sure that your favorite movies and TV shows are running smoothly, but as long as you’re watching on a computer and not another device, you may want to try this hack. Simply hold Shift + Alt (or Shift + Opt if you’re using a Mac) and left-click. This will reveal a Stream Manager, a “hidden” menu that offers solutions to buffering.

5. Watch at “off-peak” hours: Did you know that watching early in the morning, late at night, or any other time that wouldn’t be considered “primetime” could significantly improve your video quality? Try it!

6. Keyboard shortcuts: Press “F” for full screen and “Esc” to get out of it. Press “PgDn” to pause and “PgUp” to play again, or the space bar to pause and play. Press shift + right arrow and shift + left Arrow to fast forward and rewind, respectively. “M” toggles the mute function, although this may differ depending on your computer.

7. Optimize for HD: If you’re paying for high definition service, use it! Just go to Netflix.com/HDtoggle to make sure you’re all set to watch in HD, but be careful; you may pay a hefty price on your data plan if you’re not using WiFi!

8. Customize subtitles: You can adjust all sorts of things for subtitles, including size, color, and even fonts by going to Your Account > Your Profile > Subtitle Appearance. Now you have no excuse not to watch more foreign films!

9. Use Rabbit to watch with friends: This app allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies remotely with anyone you want. Plus, there’s another window for you to chat with them at the same time!

10. Netflix socks: Believe it or not, your socks can help you avoid spoilers! These include a sensor that detects when you’re falling asleep and automatically pauses the screen. You can even make them yourself!

11. What’s on Netflix: This site allows you to go much further in your searches than ever before with almost encyclopedic detail. Instead of just searching “Drama,” why not try “Tearjerkers?”

12. Reddit: People use this popular site for all sorts of things, and Netflix is no exception. The community in r/NetflixBestOf is incredibly enthusiastic and helpful, to the point of almost being obsessive!

With all of these tips at your disposal, Netflix is going to be better than ever. Hey, you were planning on rewatching all nine seasons of The Office again, right?

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