Waterfront ‘Home’ Listed For A Great Price Comes With A Serious Catch

When most people think of waterfront property, they see heaven on Earth. Who wouldn’t want to live right next to the water, waking up to that view each and every morning?

That’s certainly true of the “Levitating Lighthouse” near Seattle, Washington. Despite not exactly being a fully equipped home, it’s definitely a desirable place to spend some time!

Unfortunately, though, the house has some serious risks for potential homeowners. Buyer beware!

This small hideaway in Seattle might not look like much, but it’s perfect for anyone who just wants to get away for awhile. Not only that, but it’s located right next to the water… like, really, right next to it.

In the listing for the property, the owner highlighted the wonderful views of the nearby waterfront and wilderness (not to mention the home’s proximity to Seattle), as well as the opportunity for salmon and crab fishing.

Unfortunately, if you want to make this “Levitating Lighthouse” your own, there are some major caveats you’d have to deal with. For one, you’d have to pay for it in cash, since financing isn’t available. There are a few more issues, as well…

The biggest risk associated with the property is that it very well may be destroyed by the Seattle government! Though it’s nominally a treehouse, neither the owner, Ronald Rae, nor the builder, Pete Nelson (host of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters), actually had the proper permits to build it.

In fact, the city sued Rae shortly after the episode of the television show aired in 2014. Officials claimed that, because it was far more elaborate than a typical treehouse, it couldn’t be exempt from building codes.

The fact that the 280-square-foot building was so close to the water and on such a steep hill didn’t help, either. Additionally, Rae was ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 for failing to secure the permits.

If it doesn’t pass inspections, he’ll either have to pay an additional $100,000 fine or demolish it entirely. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen, because this strange treehouse is really something special!

For example, one of the most amazing elements of the home that you may not expect is that it has a unique system of water filtration. It actually collects rainwater and purifies it to be suitable for human consumption.

 It should also be noted that you’d have to be somewhat active to visit this place. Even after you make the exhausting trek to get there, you’d have to climb up a ladder and scale a steep hill just to enter the home. Another possible dealbreaker? It doesn’t have a bathroom…

In order to fully appreciate this Levitating Lighthouse, however, you’re going to want to see Pete Nelson’s tour of the property as seen on Treehouse Masters. It’s clear from his enthusiasm that this place really is one-of-a-kind!

Hopefully, everyone involved is able to keep this treehouse standing for as long as possible. It’s too special to waste!

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