Here Are All The Outrageous Things Inside The $138K Swag Bag Given Out At The Oscars

Every winter, Hollywood’s biggest stars flock to Los Angeles to attend the Academy Awards—aka the Oscars—to honor the year’s best films. Of course, all eyes are on the glitz and glamour on display on the red carpet. But did you know that there’s something else that puts all those Versace gowns to shame?

Even though Oscars are given to only a handful of actors, nearly everyone was a winner—if they received a gift bag, that is. Worth upwards of $138,000 each, they include goodies like expensive vacations to edible jewelry. Here are just some of the best gifts…

Every year, the Academy Awards honors the latest and greatest films. While not every nominee walks away with a golden Oscar, they do receive a hefty gift bag—and 2018’s version was nothing short of astonishing. Here’s what was in it, from cheapest to most expensive…

1. NeverMissed dating app launch party (free): You can bet that plenty of Oscars nominees were single and ready to mingle. This dating app, called NeverMissed, invited everyone who was flying solo to join its launch party for free. Score!

2. Laser skin treatment (price varies): The hunt for eternal youth never seems to end for those constantly in the spotlight, and what better way to achieve it than by undergoing laser skin treatment? Some guests were lucky enough to be given free sessions!

3. Dandi Patches ($12.50 per pack of eight): Nervous nominees need not be concerned with armpit sweat! That’s because the goodie bags were stuffed with Dandi Patches, which are simply small pieces of fabric you can place over your pits to alleviate sweat and body odor.

4. My Magic Mud toothpaste ($15): As counterproductive as it looks, brushing your teeth with activated charcoal is supposed to whiten them. That’s why everyone at the awards show left with a free bottle of My Magic Mud’s whitening solution. Say cheese!

5. Lemonade-flavored moonshine ($25 per bottle): The Oscars notoriously don’t offer table service during the program (unlike the Golden Globes, which is why the acceptance speeches are a lot more fun). Thanks to Southern Wicked Lemonade, attendees had something to sip throughout the three-hour affair.

6. Pepperface pepper spray ($27): A company called Pepperface created a lighter, sleeker version of the defense tool for each goodie bag. No word yet on whether the Academy would starting using this on actors whose acceptance speeches ran too long…

7. Bangarang’s Positive Cube ($35): Even in the glamorous world of Hollywood, stars can get down on their luck. That’s why Bangarang donated its Positive Cube—a small wooden box full of cards containing positive messages to keep people smiling. Hey, at least it made for a good consolation prize for the losing nominees, right?

8. Wetsleeve’s hydration sleeve ($39): Ever wonder how most stars have that natural glow? Maybe it’s Maybelline… or maybe it’s just hydration. This unique flexible thermos slips onto a person’s forearm for convenient sipping; no word yet on whether it was used for booze at the infamously “dry” Oscars.

9. Edible jewelry ($40): Can you imagine Frances McDormand accepting her Oscar for Best Actress and then promptly taking a bite out of her jewelry? Well, she could have if she wanted to! Attendees actually received chocolate earrings in their goodie bags. Apparently, they won’t melt under the hot stage lights.

10. Look Fabulous Forever makeup ($30 face primer, $25 eye primer, $25 lip primer): This British makeup company markets its products for older women who strive to maintain a younger complexion.

11. DNA test kit ($80): Many actors hail from famous families, so is it any surprise that this year’s Oscars gift bag came with a DNA test kit from the company 23andMe? Maybe we can finally track down where all that talent comes from.

12. A levitating Bluetooth speaker ($195): Bluetooth speakers are all the rage now, but this version rises above the pack—literally. Thanks to some handy tech, it floats above its base, making it seem like something straight out of a science-fiction movie!

13. Luxura Diamonds necklace ($50 to $2,000): The diamond trade used to be rife with shady dealings; now, conflict-free diamonds—or gems that are ethically sourced—are preferred. Jewelry company Luxura Diamonds, which dropped a necklace into each gift bags, ensures its stones are conflict-free.

14. Luxury stay in Greece ($470 per night): Also included in the Oscars gift bags was a luxurious stay at the Avaton Luxury Villas Resort in Halkidiki, Greece. Amenities there feature private pools, sun-beds, and even chef services!

15. Phobia-relief session with Kalliope Barlis ($495): An author who specializes in overcoming fears, Kalliope Barlis donated a free session to any Oscars goodie bag recipient who was trying to work through a mental block… like giving that acceptance speech.

16. Choa Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation ($1,400): It’s difficult to find dental work in Hollywood that’s anything other than of perfect. Still, those who want to take their megawatt smiles to the next level can undergo this cosmetic treatment, which repairs receding gums.

17. A seven-day stay at Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii ($760 per night): Nominees who had a yearning to soak up the sun during the winter months could with a seven-day stay at the gorgeous Koloa Resort in Hawaii. Talk about paradise!

18. A 12-night trip to Tanzania for two ($8,000): Speaking of paradise, one of the biggest prizes tucked inside the Oscars gift bags this year was a vacation to Tanzania. The boutique agency International Expeditions helped coordinate the stay, and those with an adventurous spirit will surely enjoy every second of it.

19. A $10,000 donation to any animal shelter ($10,000): Lots of celebrities support animal charities. Fittingly, each gift bag offered awards guests an opportunity to donate up to $10,000 to an animal shelter of their choosing.

How insane are these gift bags? Even the losers made out like bandits!

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