Turns Out We’ve All Been Using Ketchup Cups The Wrong Way This Whole Time

Ketchup is one of the most beloved condiments in the world, and for good reason! It’s a staple at any backyard barbecue because it pairs so perfectly with all the usual hits: burgers, franks, and French fries. Really, who doesn’t love a dollop of Heinz on their cheeseburger and fries?

That’s why if you’ve ever been to a fast food restaurant, you’re probably all too familiar with the little paper cups used for ketchup and other condiments. Everyone knows the problem with them, too: they don’t hold much ketchup! Except, there’s more to these seemingly limited condiment capsules than meets the eye…

When it comes to condiments, ketchup might just be the best of them all. It’s a staple item at any barbecue, and it makes burgers and hot dogs so much tastier. There’s simply not much that ketchup can do wrong.

If you’ve ever been to a fast food restaurant before, you probably noticed the pump jars of ketchup for customer use. And if you’ve ever actually used these pump jars, then you’re familiar with the tiny paper cups the restaurants provide. But do you know the secret to using them efficiently?

In 2014, YouTube’s CrazyRussianHacker set out to reveal a little-known secret behind these cups. A pro with all sorts of “hacks,” his instruction just might blow your mind. As it turns out, you’ve been doing it wrong all along!

CrazyRussianHacker started by filling the first two of three small cups with ketchup. He made a point to fill them as much as possible to show everyone that they don’t need to be stingy in order for this secret to work.

After filling the second cup with as much ketchup as he could without the sauce overflowing onto the table, he stopped, purposely leaving the third ketchup cup completely empty. There was a good reason for this…

First, he pointed out the small ridges all along the side of the empty cup. Working carefully, he pulled at the side of the cup to loosen and expand it. These ridges would be the key to his ketchup cup hack. Once they were all loosened, they formed a little bucket that was wider than the original cup.

With the small ridges pulled apart, he was ready to complete this amazing trick. The only thing he had to do was take his other two cups of ketchup, turn them over, and then… voila! He dumped both of the filled cups into the empty one with ease!

The idea was that those ketchup cups actually expanded to be much wider than they looked. This meant that you could hold more ketchup in them without realizing it! This wasn’t CrazyRussianHacker’s only trick, either. The next one involved actual ketchup packets…

He first pointed out the headache of trying to squirt a single packet of ketchup into a carton of fries. Even the most careful person almost always ends up with a huge puddle of ketchup in the middle of the batch, while the rest are dry.

So what exactly could he do about this sloppy condiment predicament? First, he took a new ketchup packet and tore off one of the corners. He was careful not to squeeze any ketchup out just yet…

Then, he actually dipped one of the fries into the packet itself! In order for this to work properly, the opening had to be big enough for a single fry—but not much bigger, or ketchup would spill out all over.

As you can see, this technique worked perfectly! He could dip as much of the fry into the packet as he wanted. The condiment dispersion was nearly perfect every time he dipped. This guy had all the secrets! Speaking of…

Believe it or not, CrazyRussianHacker wasn’t the only person who discovered how to cram as much ketchup into those paper cups as possible. The host of the YouTube channel diy4once uploaded a video with yet another neat cup hack…

This method was quick, and it involved placing the cup up to your lips and simply blowing into it. You’d have to make sure to purse your lips tightly so the maximum amount of air entered into the cup.

When done correctly, the paper folds that lined the outside would expand, and the cup would now have more space inside. That way, you could get away with a few extra pumps at the ketchup dispenser without having to carry multiple cups.

Just check out the side-by-side comparison. This trick may not open the cup as wide as CrazyRussianHacker’s, but if you’re looking for a method that doesn’t require as much work, this one’s for you!

 Did those just blow your mind? You’ll never walk into a fast food restaurant and look at ketchup the same way again. The next time you’re out to eat with your friends, show them these tricks and watch them have an epiphany!

Who would’ve thought that pulling apart small paper ridges on paper cups could’ve gone undiscovered by ketchup lovers for so long? The simplicity of this little-known fast food hack is absolutely astonishing!

One of the benefits of these tricks is that they’re not only more convenient, but they’re a lot less wasteful once you learn to do them right!

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