Couple Who Finds A Hidden 1950s Lunchbox Are Stunned By Its Contents

Remodeling a home can result in all sorts of interesting discoveries. Sometimes you locate things that went missing long ago, and sometimes you find something you never even knew was there to begin with.

One couple recently decided to renovate all three floors of their 1940s home. When they finally started on the basement level, they came across an old lunchbox wedged in the wooden ceiling slats. They had no idea where it came from, and it looked like it hadn’t been touched in decades. When they opened it up and saw what was inside, however, their jaws hit the floor…

All sorts of interesting things can be discovered during home renovations, and no one knows that better than one couple who recently decided to remodel all three floors of their 1940s home. When they started working on their basement, however, they came across something that left them completely stunned.

The couple decided to remodel their old home because it had been over five decades since any construction work was done. They finished both top floors first, and then they moved onto the basement, which had been largely ignored for years.

Scribbled all over the walls was writing in white chalk that had faded over time. The couple wasn’t sure exactly where it came from, but they assumed it was probably the work of children who had lived there many years ago. As they were surveying the rest of the basement to get an idea of how much work needed to be done, they spotted something in the ceiling that piqued their interest…

Wedged between the wooden support beams above them was a lunchbox! The couple had no idea how it had gotten there or how old it was. But there was only one thing to do: take it down and find out what was inside.

The box was a pea green color and it was covered in a thick layer of dust. There was a tattered shoelace tied around it that was holding it closed, and it had clearly spent a long time in the ceiling. Who could have owned this, and why did they leave it behind in such a strange place?

The box had a significant amount of weight to it; it clearly had something inside. The couple was intrigued. Even if it held nothing of importance, it was still exciting that they came across something so ancient in their own home.

The couple put all of their renovations on hold for the time being; this was far too interesting of a discovery to ignore. The husband slowly untied the knotted shoelace and lifted the box’s creaky lid, and they both peered inside…

The contents were wrapped in old wax paper. Whatever was in there clearly needed to be kept clean. There was a lot more inside than the couple initially thought, too. Something with written words was lining the bottom of the box, so they carefully pulled it out first.

It was a page from a newspaper dated in 1951—a vintage find! The couple examined the articles to see if anything had been highlighted or underlined; perhaps it would indicate the original owner of the box. Unfortunately, nothing stood out. That is, until they noticed something peculiar…

They took out the items wrapped in wax paper next. They were roughly the size of bricks, and the couple could faintly make out what looked to be dollar bills through the thin material. Did they just stumble across some sort of treasure? They slowly unwrapped the paper…

As they unwrapped the blocks, they were stunned, and they stared in awe at what lie before them. All three of the items in the box were stacks of cold, hard cash. One of the wads was in twenty dollar bills, the second was in fifties, and the third was in hundreds!

The money itself was just as interesting; all of the bills ranged from 1928 to 1934, and some had rare symbols on them, such as golden certificates and stars. Now, it was time to count them all up and find out exactly how much there was.

When all was said and done, the couple was looking at $23,000! They immediately hired a lawyer to investigate their finding. As it turned out, the woman who owned the house prior to them died decades ago, so the money was all theirs to keep. This was one home renovation that the couple will certainly never forget!

Can you even imagine finding this amount of money in your own basement? It kind of makes you want to start your own home renovations, doesn’t it?

Strangely, for as often as we use and are surrounded by money, not many of us know much about its origins. Whether it deals with coins, paper money, checks, or another form of currency, the story of how money came to be is truly fascinating! Check out these 10 surprising facts.

1. It costs 2.4 cents to produce a single penny. It’s a rare occasion that anyone uses a penny to pay for something, yet the United States mint continues to produce this practically useless currency. It makes you wonder, though: if they’re spending more money to produce the penny than it’s worth, what’s the point?



2. Millions of people in the U.S. live on just $2 a day. It’s a sad reality, but it’s true. While the economy and the strength of the American dollar may fluctuate from day to day, this is still a sobering fact. It’s important to remember the struggles that many of us are faced with!

3. A whopping 9.7 tons of ink are used by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing on a daily basis. There are two locations that print United States currency: one is located in Forth Worth, Texas, and the other is in Washington D.C. Together, they go through an astounding 10 tons of ink in a single day.

4. Just five percent of people who buy lottery tickets make up for 51% of the total tickets sold. That’s a staggering number, and many of those ticket buyers are purchasing multiple tickets at a time. For a game of chance, they’re really trying to stack their odds!

5. Nationwide gambling rakes in more revenue than theme parks, sporting events, cruise ships, and music combined. Yes, you read that correctly. In total, gambling accounts for roughly $35 billion each and every single year!


6. There’s quite a lot of bacteria on those dollar bills. A group of researchers conducted a study in 2002 that found nearly 94% of money is contaminated. Sure, most of these bacteria won’t harm you, though seven percent of them can be hazardous to one’s health.


7. A bill would have to be folded upwards of 8,000 times for it to rip. It’s estimated that the average $1 bill will last in circulation about 5.9 years. Once it’s deemed unusable, it will be removed from circulation by the Federal Reserve.


8. There is more Monopoly game money printed annually than actual U.S. currency! While the Bureau of Engraving and Printing allots $826.7 million to print cash each year, the Monopoly people print around $50 billion each year. Phew!


9. A great deal of U.S. currency contains trace amounts of cocaine. In fact, a 2009 study found that anywhere from 90% to 94% of paper money contains the illegal drug. Not only is this because people use the bills to do drugs and to pay for them, but because ATM brushes spread the substance to other bills as well.


10. Of all the currency in the world, roughly eight percent of it is actual physical money. The other 92% of money only exists digitally, which makes a lot of sense considering how often people shop online or by using a credit card.


Whoa! Who knew that there was so much backstory to the money we know and use every day? did you know any of these facts?

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