See Inside The Old Military Helicopter That’s Actually A Real Hotel

When you’re a parent, stuff like “going on vacation” can seem like a far-off dream. Sure, you technically have the vacation days, but do you have the money to take the whole gang somewhere for an entire week? Probably not.

But the situation may not be quite as dire as you believe it to be! Sometimes, with the a little out-of-the-box thinking and a whole lot of planning, you can give your family the vacation of a lifetime.

When one Scottish man learned that old helicopters were going to be trashed by the government, he decided to take action. What he did next might just make for the best budget family vacation ever…

When a family of farmers in Sterling, Scotland, decided to go into the hospitality business, they took an interesting route. Rather than stick with something traditional, they bought a decommissioned helicopter from the British Ministry of Defense, and their adventure began…

Farmer Martin Steadman and his wife paid $9,121 for the helicopter, but that was just the beginning of their investment costs. They wound up paying an additional $52,120 in transporting the helicopter and in renovating the farm to fit the new housing.

While those costs might seem considerable, they are nothing compared to the cost of actually building and decorating your own brand new hotel! Plus, an ingenious idea like this is practically guaranteed to bring in guests. Just wait until you see what the inside looks like…

Martin handled all of the reconstruction of the old helicopter himself to save on some of their expenses. He made sure that he kept some of the existing features of the plane—including the dashboard, switches, and pedals on the floor of the cockpit—to give the accommodations character.

But that was just the beginning of what he had planned for this old helicopter! He replaced the pilots’ seats with stylish and cozy chairs, and added a coffee table made from an old fuel tank. Those little touches made a major difference!

The body of the helicopter itself was transformed into the mini-hotel’s sleeping quarters, complete with a kitchenette and a tiny, but usable, shower. Who wouldn’t want to stay here at least for a night? It’s so beautiful.

Martin got the idea for this amazing new plan when he read an article about the planes being decommissioned. He couldn’t handle the thought of such important pieces of history going to waste, so he knew he had to do something.

While the chopper itself is by no means huge, it can comfortably sleep two adults and four children, making it a perfect and unique getaway for you and your family. Don’t worry, though; Martin has added insulation to keep the helicopter’s interior nice and toasty.

As if these unique accommodations weren’t enough incentive to spend the night there, the cost is just about $225 a night for adults and $40 for kids. That’s a pretty decent rate for something so darned awesome. Everyone’s wanted to be a pilot at some point, so why not pretend—even if it’s just for a night?

Simply by looking at this helicopter before it was transformed into a hotel, it doesn’t seem like anything special; just a pile of old junk, really. Thankfully, Martin could see past all that to create something wonderful that he’ll happily share with you, too!

Who would have thought that you could actually save money on your family vacation by thinking outside of the box this way? It’s sure to be a trip no one will ever forget.

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