20 Inexpensive Gadgets That Can Help Make People’s Everyday Lives So Much Easier

Need a new mattress by end of the day? An outfit for an unplanned event tomorrow night? Just go on Amazon and search their webpage. Basically, anything we need these days — whether last minute or not — can be found online and delivered to our doorstep almost immediately.

Even if you’re not looking for something in particular at the moment, simply browsing this dominant site can expose you to all kinds of new gadgets. The 20 items below are some of the most interesting of the mass, a few of which you might not even know existed…

1. The Lifestraw: Staying hydrated is vital. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation and need clean drinking water, this apparatus has a filter that removes 99.9 percent of waterborne bacteria. It’s truly a lifesaver.

2. The Dipr: Okay, so you went to the store and bought yourself a bag of Oreo cookies, and now you’ve finally sat down to enjoy them. But how are you going to get the entirety of the cookie into a glass of milk without getting your hands wet? That’s where this tool comes into play.

3. The Mommy Hook: Making multiple trips out to your car after shopping is annoying and a waste of time. However, with this special hook, you can make every shopping experience a one-trip-into-the-house event by connecting all the bags onto one handle.

4. Nose vents: People who snore: look no further than this product for a solution! Two thimble-sized plastic caps slide directly into the nostrils to keep air passages open and the brutal sounds of snoring far away.

5. The Boot Dryer: Wearing waterlogged shoes is one of the most uncomfortable feelings, and it can take days for your footwear to dry. But, with the boot dryer, you can pop your shoes onto the top and have them ready to go within minutes.

6. The Spice Carousel: This contraption has a lazy-Susan design and is perfect for someone who spends a lot of time cooking. It holds 24 spices, and each container has a dial which dispenses them a quarter teaspoon with each click.

7. Bracelet headphones: Do you like fashionable bracelets and always having your headphones available untangled? Well, this product is for you! When you’re not listening to tunes, simply wrap the headphones around your wrist and fasten them into snazzy wristwear.

8. Auto shut-off safety outlet: Many people have experienced the fear of leaving home and not being sure if they unplugged everything, but with this unique outlet, whatever is plugged in will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time — like that old crockpot.

9. Firestarter: Now here’s a tool you want if you’re trying to start a fire. This tool fits in your pocket or purse, and all you have to do is strike the flint stone with the steel end and voila! 

10. Sugru moldable glue: This item is similar to silly putty, but it has a hardening agent in it so it can be used as glue. It’s made from silicon technology that, at first, is moldable like putty, but let it sit overnight to turn it into a super strong rubber adhesive that won’t break.

11. Stretchable lids: Never lose a specifically-sized lid for Tupperware containers ever again with these stretchable rubber lids. They come in all sizes, and they’ll completely seal whatever you put them on, trapping in freshness and making your life easier.

12. Mini waffle press: This miniature press takes up almost no room, and it makes more than just waffles! You can press paninis, hashbrowns, and even biscuits! It’s the perfect kitchen item for people who want to throw together a quick breakfast.

13. Moso air purifying bags: Musty smells tend to hang around closets and other places where clothing accumulates. These bags are filled with activated charcoal which naturally absorbs nasty odors and leaves the area smelling fresh.

14. Touch-up tool: Over the years, walls accumulate little scratches and dings from a variety of things. Instead of embarking on a massive job involving paint buckets and brushes, this simple tool will get rid of the scuffs in no time.

15. BedBand: Sometimes all the rolling around we do in our sleep tugs at our sheets, and the next morning we need to re-stretch them around our mattress corners. BedBands ensure our fitted sheets stay exactly where they should.

16. The Gripet: Covering a refrigerator or cabinet door with taped notes is an eyesore, and the tape often leaves residue behind. With the Gripet, however, notes can be organized easily without the mess of tape.

17. Magnetic keychain holder: Trying to find your keys in the morning when you’re already running late is a pain, but investing in a magnetic keychain holder can prevent those headaches. 

18. Magnetic cable clips: Here’s something else magnetic that’s keeping things together. These clips attach anywhere you want and hold on tight to your cords so you don’t have to bend down and search through a massive heap of wiring.

19. Collapsible watering can: Trying to find storage in a garage or closet can be difficult when you own cumbersome items. This product serves as both a bucket and watering can, but it takes up the space of neither after it collapses down.

20. The Diffuser: Everyone wants their car to smell nice, but it’s not always easy to get a warm inviting scent flowing throughout. However, this portable aromatherapy diffuser plugs into a USB port, and it automatically turns off when the water reaches a certain point.

In the vast world of Amazon goods, you can find all sorts of cool stuff to make your life easier. The best part is that you can do it all from the comfort of your couch.

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