16 Awesome Inventions Everyone Needs In Their Life ASAP

Every day we use something that makes our lives just a bit easier. Brilliant minds are always looking to fill consumers’ needs and make their lives easier with clever (and useful) gadgets and creations, from coffee mugs to elevators.

Sometimes it’s the more subtle inventions that can really make the biggest impacts on our daily lives. You know, those things you didn’t know you needed until you saw them?

That’s what we have here: a list of 16 items that you might not know you need right now. But rest assured, there’s at least one item on this list for everyone…

1. Hug pillow: On the surface, this hug pillow by the Japanese company Premium Bandai might look like an adorable plushie. However, the positioning of this pillow requires the user to sit upright at his or her desk, making this puffy pillow one useful back saver.

Fisher V

2. Hidden vent safe: Sold by InviSolution, this safe hides your valuables in plain sight. To unsuspecting visitors or intruders, it looks like nothing more than an air vent; to you, however, it’s a key-card activated safe you can conveniently place anywhere.


3. Water fountain toothbrush: You shouldn’t have to wash a glass every time you need take a swig of water to rinse your mouth of excess toothpaste, and who wants their bathroom trash bins loaded with one-use-only paper cups? This toothbrush by Amron Experimental remedies both those issues by making your toothbrush a jack-of-all trades.

Tree Hugger

4. Doughnut pool table: Designer Cleon Daniel created this doughnut-shaped pool table that’s capable of adding a colorful pop to any room. The center hole offers an added challenge to a standard billiards game.

Cool Things

5. 3D-printed vase: Plastic bottles can start to really stack up in the homes of those who aren’t fans of tap water. That’s why DesignLibero created these 3D-printed vases that can fit over any old plastic bottle, allowing you to repurpose them and satisfy your green thumb.


6. Cat backpack: If you’ve ever traveled with cats then you know that, without the proper tools, it is a form of torture that no sane person would ever willingly do unless it’s a last resort. Luckily, the company Texsens knew the struggle and introduced this cat backpack to potentially ease any feline travel woes.


7. Real flower phone case: HouseOfBling and other providers sell these hand-crafted phone cases on their Etsy and Amazon pages for iPhone users who want to bring along a little bit of spring whereever they might go. (And, yes, those are real flowers pressed into a clear protective case!)

My Modern Met

8. Star Wars Force band: Like Luke Skywalker, you can fulfill your destiny and master the Force with this wrist band by Sphero (provided you already own the BB-8 app-enabled droid). Simply command your BB-8 with just a wave of your hand. No promises on whether the device will help you pull off any mind tricks…


9. Lagoon table: Designer Alexandre Chapelin creates these unique tables with a hunk of marble and resin. Made to look like a chunk of ocean and shoreline, he carefully polishes each bit of the table to create the illusion of depth.

Power Apple

 10. Guitar doorbell: You can add a little bit of music to your room with some help from GuitDoorbell.com. The support structure sets a guitar just above the door frame and a pick on the door itself, so that every time the door opens, the pick strums the guitar. Not a bad way to make sure you always get the entrance music you deserve, huh?


11. Motorcycle helmet with cat ears: Nothing says “sleek” like wearing cat ears while riding a motorcycle, and Nitrinos Motostudio knows it. That’s why his company released an entire line of cat-ear helmets that are customizable down to the color.


12. Portable pizza pouch: It happens to everybody. You just grabbed an extra slice of pizza, but it’s time to go. You have to decide between enjoying a few more bites of cheesy deliciousness and trying to make your movie on time. Well, not anymore! Pearl Enterprises knows the importance of taking a slice on the road, and they have the perfect solution.


13. Terrarium necklace: A stone of natural amethyst sits in the heart of this springtime-inspired necklace. Decorated with flower heads and moss, this portable terrarium lets you keep a bit of nature close to your heart!

Micro Landscape Design

14. Balancing chair: Finding the perfect position for reading can be nearly impossible, but Varier’s balancing chair makes it far, far easier. With a chair that provides the perfect lean and offers all necessary support, you can start reading instead of wasting so much time getting comfortable.

Varier Furniture

15. Wearable planter: If wearing a terrarium around your neck isn’t enough, Wearable Planter offers a device that can make sure spring sprung on your bike. Hand them out to passing admirers or just enjoy the sight of them as you pedal; these flowers can offer the pop your bike’s been missing.

Wearable Planter

16. Jean hanger: Jeans spend as much time crumpled on the floor as they do around your waist, but not if Jean Hanger creator, Steven Sal Debus, has anything to say about it. Especially designed to take care of your precious denim, these allow your jeans to hang in a spot of prominence right beside your T-shirts.

Steven Sal Debus

A jean hanger? Entrance music? A toothbrush drinking fountain? While all these items might at first seem strange, there’s no doubting the genius behind them. They tackle the little problems in your life you didn’t know you had!

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