20 Grocery Stores That Are Totally Blazing A Trail Into The Future

Day after day, new technologies are being developed to make our lives easier. But with so many advancements at the forefront of our daily routine, we sometimes fail to see the other breakthroughs that are gradually changing our world.

Whether you’ve noticed or not, supermarkets are becoming a big part of this trend. Recent inventions are being put to good use in order to improve our shopping experiences. After reading about these 20 trail-blazing grocery stores, you’ll agree that the future is definitely now.

1. Pick-Your-Own Mushrooms: Instead of buying mushrooms picked by some faceless farmer, fungi lovers can visit this grocery store and pluck the squishy spores themselves. Mmmm, earthy. 


2. Magnifying Glasses: The fine print on most food packaging can be hard to read. So, these carts found in Rossmann grocery stores come with magnifying glasses that would make Sherlock Holmes green with envy.

3. Doggie Stalls: Instead of locking your pooch or other furry friends in the car (a big no-no), some grocery stores now provide air-conditioned stalls to keep your pet comfortable while you shop.

4. Free Fruit for Kids: They say you should never accept sweets from strangers, but this is probably an exception. Now, parents have no excuse when it comes to feeding their kids enough fruit. After all, it’s free!

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5. Toilet Paper Tester: There are two things in life that you should never settle for: a bad relationship, and poor toilet paper. Luckily, this grocery store allows you to test six different types of TP, assuring that the next time nature calls, you’ll be ready.

6. Just the Charms: This supermarket was clearly paying attention to what the people want! Forget those chalky shapes: it’s the marshmallows that shoppers are really after when buying Lucky Charms cereal. 

7. Bacon Samples: If you consider yourself a bacon connoisseur, the meat section of this grocery store offers a tasting of their cuts. Just remember: a sample is one piece, not the whole display.

8. Dance Lessons: Standing in line for prescriptions is always a bore, so why not teach yourself how to dance while you wait? Hopefully, this grocery store will also wise up and start teaching dance moves from today…

9. Cashier-less Stores: Human interaction is so last century, and apparently Amazon thinks so, too. The online shopping giant’s newest endeavor offers a grocery shopping experience free of cashiers, charging you for items through the use of hundreds of cameras placed throughout the store.


10. Aisle Maps: Grocery stores are pretty big places, and sometimes looking for that last item on your shopping list can turn into an hour-long treasure hunt up and down the same two aisles.

11. Smart Carts: Not satisfied with a boring old aisle map? Check out this smart cart. With a built-in tablet, customers can actually search for specific items and find out exactly in which aisle — and on what shelf — they can be found.

12. Repackaged Eggs: Anyone that’s ever bought eggs knows how fragile they are, so it should come as no surprise that a number of cartons arrive at the grocery store with some broken. Instead of tossing the whole thing out, however, this store repackages the eggs that survived, eliminating unnecessary waste. 

13. Wine Chiller: Nothing says “I forgot to get you a gift, so I picked one up on the way” like a bottle of room-temperature wine. This store installed a wine chiller to help customers seem like they care a lot more about their neighbor’s block party than they really do.

14. “Misfit” Produce: By discounting the more unsightly fruits and veggies, this grocery store is likely saving thousands of pounds of fresh produce from being discarded. Ugly produce doesn’t mean bad produce! 

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15. Broken Cart Tags: That’s right, no more carts swerving all over the place. Sure, it won’t help much once you’ve already loaded up your cart with groceries, but at least you can slap one of these tags on afterward and call that your good deed for the day.

16. Put-Back Racks: We all have that one person who drives us nuts when instead of returning an unwanted item to where they found it, they simply toss it on the nearest shelf. Even with this grocery store’s system of convenient put-back shelves, chances are they’re still going to have a few steaks wind up with the hand soap.

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17. Garbage Displays: Compost? Streamlined recyclables? Trash? Throwing something away has become more confusing than ever. Lucky for us, this genius supermarket decided to create a visual display to help confused customers!

18. Cool Bags: There’s nothing worse than unpacking a car-full of groceries not knowing which bags should be saved from the hot trunk first. Thankfully, Food Lion supermarkets have blue-colored bags designated solely for frozen and cold items. Genius!

19. Meat Vending Machines: How many times has this happened to you: it’s 4 AM, and you absolutely have to get your hands on a rib eye steak. Take a trip down to this grocery store, where you’ll find a 24-hour vending machine stocked with all the prime cuts you can handle.


20. Digital Price Tags: Though it’d probably be a surprise to most of us to see digital price tags in our grocery stores, it’s an even bigger surprise that more stores don’t do this.

Now if only they could do something about stray shopping carts always rolling into your car!

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