Insanely Luxurious French Castle Just Hit The Market For A Cool $17 Million

Most of us, at one point or another, have imagined what it would be like to live the life of a multi-millionaire. We usually picture nice cars, exotic vacations, and an enormous mansion full of everything we desire.

Most people, of course, don’t have that kind of money, but if you did, what would you buy? Maybe a castle, perhaps?

The Château de La Barben castle is located in Aix-en-Provence in Southern France, and it can be all yours—as long as you have $17 million to cough up. Don’t have the money? Don’t worry—most people don’t. However, you can still enjoy these mesmerizing photos and imagine what it would be like to live the life of extreme luxury. It’s almost as satisfying as the real thing!

Most of us like to dream about being rich. It’s hard not to wonder what a life full of exotic vacations, fancy cars and huge mansions would be like. Recently, the Château de La Barben castle in Aix-en-Provence, France, hit the real estate market, and it’s up for grabs for anyone willing to shell out $17 million. Take a look inside, and see for yourself how the mega-wealthy live.

For starters, the Château de La Barben castle is nearly 1,000 years old! It has seen so much history during its existence, and it’s in remarkably good condition due to the constant upkeep by the staff of workers who tend to its owner’s every need.

One of the most remarkable features of the Château de La Barben is its sprawling garden. As you can see, the vegetation is carefully tended to every day to make sure it’s constantly in pristine condition. The lush colors and ornate patterns are sure to impress even the snobbiest landscapers. But that’s just the beginning of this jaw-dropping estate…

The outside of the castle looms high over its garden. The beige stone blends in perfectly with the surrounding nature. The current owners wanted to maintain as much of the exterior’s original integrity as they could.

The scenic driveway leading up to the castle is surrounded by a well-maintained lawn and stone walls. Can you just imagine cruising your Porsche up to the front doors to be greeted by a staff of smiling workers waiting to pamper you?

There are more than 60 rooms inside the castle, and each one is more luxurious than the last. This cozy little nook of a dining area boasts a large window that lets in plenty of natural light; it’s the perfect place to treat your guests to an early-morning breakfast.

The décor of the castle is sure to leave any visitor in awe. From the crystal chandeliers to the fine decorative china, it would be difficult to eat a meal and not spend most of your time admiring the environment.

Some of the rooms’ walls are adorned with amazing works of art. Take this one, for example: it’s the perfect place to nestle up with a good book and a cup of tea. Whether you spend your time alone or with friends, you’ll never get tired of admiring the artwork featured on the walls.

This is one of the many bedrooms that the castle has to offer. Centuries ago when it was built, it was nowhere near as comfortable as it is now. This one even comes equipped with a working fireplace to warm yourself during winter nights.

Every room in the castle is kept impeccably clean, and you can tell by the glossy finish of the wooden cabinets that only the finest materials were used to build them. This is truly a magnificent palace full of incredible furnishings.

You can bathe like royalty in this master bathroom. The tub is deep enough to take a relaxing soak, and the shower looks large enough to fit an entire family of people! Have you ever seen such an elegant bathroom before in your life?

Here is another one of the bedrooms. This is guaranteed to be the nicest room that any of your friends or family members have ever stayed in. Hopefully, they don’t get too comfortable and decide to move in. With luxury like this, it’d be hard not to!

How many bedrooms does this place have, you may ask? Plenty. This one features unique honeycomb tiling and a pull-out couch to house even more guests. This place is so big that if you went for a tour, you may never find your way back again!

The entire castle has been repainted numerous times, and the vibrant colors give each room its own personality. This area looks so serene; it’s the kind of place you would want go to escape the stresses of the outside world.

Who knows how often the owners host events or parties, but this room would be an ideal spot to have a big gathering. There’s enough space for a dance floor, and the windows look out over the garden below, giving guests an amazing view of the surrounding property.

This kitchen is a chef’s dream come true. It’s stocked with all the tools you’ll ever need to cook anything you can imagine. Feeling hungry? Just head down here and whip yourself up some Michelin star-worthy cuisine. Or just have your personal chef do it for you.

This is an astounding bird’s eye view of the garden area. The paths that weave in between the bushes are great for taking leisurely strolls to clear your head after a long day, and the fountain in the middle offers a peaceful resting place that anyone can enjoy.

Just look at the view from the second-floor balcony! It’s hard to imagine ever getting tired of this breathtaking scenery. You can even see the neighboring houses below! Waking up every morning to this would be a dream come true.

The Château de La Barben castle is truly magnificent. The current owners actually rent out some of the bedrooms as a bed-and-breakfast for $150 a night. Even staying just one evening in this palace would be an experience unlike any most of us have ever had!

It’s hard to believe that some people actually live like this. It certainly gives you motivation to work hard and achieve your dreams, especially if that dream involves owning your own castle!

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