11 Ways To Tell The Difference Between Fake And Original Products

Investing in name brand products is a luxury for a reason. Very often these designer brands are of a higher quality than some of the bargain house names you might see bandied about. These designer products might demand an equally high price, but that’s usually for a reason.

Sure, you can buy a knock-off, but when you compare it to the original, it just doesn’t pass muster! If you want to know how to tell a fake product apart from the real thing, look no further. Here are some helpful tips you can employ that will ensure you’re getting your money’s worth!

1. M.A.C.: Your first clue that the product you’ve purchased isn’t the real McCoy is the plastic packaging. M.A.C. products come in black plastic embedded with bits of glitter. If there’s no glitter, it’s not M.A.C.

The second thing to check for is logo placement. The real product will always have its name on the center of the box, not up high and separated from the item description. If you buy a product and the logo isn’t placed in the center, you’ve got a fake.

fernandabeleza / blogspot; Carry / kosmetista

2. UGG: These cozy boots are made in three countries—and three countries only. So, if yours aren’t made in Vietnam, China, or the United States, they are probably fake. Real UGG boots also only have one button on the side.

aliexpress; ugg.com

3. Michael Kors: The Michael Kors gold logo comprises the letters “MK” circled with a ring of gold. The exterior seams of an authentic bag are also always hand-stitched, so a real bag’s logo wouldn’t have a line running across it, as pictured on the right.

There are even more ways to tell if your bag is the real deal. The name “Michael Kors” should be printed on the bag in individual gold lettering. If the “MK” is on a medallion or the individual letters are connected, you’ve got a fake.

Princessina / itao

4. Pandora: If your Pandora charm is fake, you’ll notice a visible gap in the loop meant to connect the charm to the bracelet. You will also notice uneven cuts in the charms themselves if they are not authentic.

In addition to this, all original Pandora products come with the letters “ALE” (for Algot Enevoldsen, the founder of the brand) printed discreetly on them to mark them as the real thing. This is one common way brands work to distinguish themselves.

aliexpress; pandora

5. Zippo: A real Zippo lighter makes a sound like nothing else on Earth: the company has actually patented it! You can also examine the lighter’s wheel. If it’s real, it will have a diamond-shaped pattern running throughout.

zipporu / livejournal

6. Timberland: Real Timberland boots will always come with a leather tag attached to them and a waterproof guarantee. Most fakes will come with a paper tag, which is one surefire way to know you’ve been duped.

If they are real, the Timberland logo will be embossed on the shoe in ink, not in metal as seen below. Real Timberlands, like other items on this list, cost a pretty penny, so before you shell out the big bucks make sure you’re getting the real thing.

ebay; timberland

7. Beats by Dre: All of these original headphones come with a serial number on their box that can be looked up by the manufacturer. Knock-offs are more prevalent now than ever, so always check that your product has a serial number.

In addition, fake Beats by Dre either won’t have the word “Beats” engraved on them anywhere, or they will have it printed in a way that it is nearly illegible. If they don’t have this engraving, they aren’t real.


8. Adidas: Original Adidas sneakers do not have any lace holes on the interior. Instead, they are plush cotton. While the lace holes might seem like the more highbrow option, the plush cotton is actually the sturdier choice for sneakers.


You will also notice that fake Adidas sneakers tend to have the brand name printed on the shoe for a bolder effect instead of embossed as they are on the original. The original shoe is all about a more subtle look! Of course, misspellings are another easy giveaway.

9. Louis Vuitton: Original Louis Vuitton bags never let the letters “LV” come close to being covered up during the sewing process. Additionally, the “LV” print has been copymarked, so imposters will use slightly different colors in their leather.

Authentic Louis Vuitton bags also have material inside that completely matches the exterior of the bags. Fakes just can’t replicate that. If you’re looking for something close to the real thing, a fake is fine, but make sure you know the difference before you buy.

ioffer.com; louisvuitton

10. iPhones: The best way to tell a fake iPhone from the real deal is to check the serial number on the back of the phone against the Apple website. If the number doesn’t show up, you’ve most likely got a fake phone.

Another way to spot a fake iPhone is to examine the cameras. If the placement on the camera itself seems off, or if there aren’t the specified typical number of cameras on your so-called iPhone, you might have been tricked. Of course, if the price also seems too low, you might want to question it…


11. Nike: This sneaker company makes it really easy to separate the falsies from the real deal. Real Nikes always have the product line name printed somewhere on the shoe. If you’re rocking real Nikes, you’ll be stepping with confidence.

The colors on the original Nikes are usually not as bright as those on the fake shoes, so also check for too-bright hues! There are tiny details on the sole of these sneakers that are simply not reproduced by forgers, like the ones below.


This list is super helpful when it comes to identifying fake products. Now you’ll know for sure whether or not you’re getting a great deal, or if you’re being scammed out of your hard-earned money!

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