Donald Trump Owns More Extravagant Properties Than Even His Biggest Fans Would Suspect

Politics aside, there is no doubt that Donald Trump is a real estate wolf. From a young age, he’s had an eye for the market and a keen understanding of buying and selling properties. So, it’s no surprise that his net worth is over $3 billion!

He’s overseen the construction of and owns many Trump Towers, but it may surprise you to learn he’s owned — and still owns — some other iconic buildings around the world. Take a peek inside these 21 lesser-known (yet still extravagant) Trump properties.

1. The Empire State Building: Yes, at one point Trump purchased fifty percent of the iconic Manhattan tower. The 1994 purchase was part of a larger plan to buy up the whole property and evict the master leaseholder. Trump eventually gave up and sold his share.

2. Greenwich, Connecticut, estate:  The 20,000-square-foot home has ten bathrooms, a home theater, indoor and outdoor pools, a putting green, and views of the Long Island Sound. It recently went back on the market for $45 million.

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3. Trump Force One: The lavish Boeing 757 private jet has not one, but two master bedrooms that are silk lined, and the majority of the fixtures are made out of 24 karat gold. The private home in the sky only cost him a pretty $100 million.

4. Wollman Rink in Central Park: The famous park ice rink is operated by Trump Organization. The contact is up in 2021, and it’s unknown who will operate the rink or if another contract will be renewed.

5. Seven Springs estate: Trump never converted this place to a golf course as he had planned, and has since decided to keep the home as a retreat from the White House. While there, Trump can enjoy private pools, hiking, ATV riding, and fishing.

6. Mar-A-Lago: He doesn’t use it so much so as a place to relax and tan, but more of a place to hold diplomatic meetings. To be a member, you have to pay an initiation fee of $200,000 and an annual fee of $14,000 each year.

Vanity Fair

7. Trump Winery:  In 2006, he purchased a winery from Patricia Kluge for $8.5 million. He turned it around and now the winery is worth over $200 million. He still lets Patricia reside on the estate, and she works as the general manager.

8. Le Château des Palmiers: The island comes complete with two villas, tennis courts, estate quarters, outdoor bar, and billiards. In 2018, it was for sale. If you’re interested, it will just cost you $16.9 million.

9. Donald Trump’s childhood home: Trump grew up in a 2,500-square-foot Queens home his father built in 1940. It’s been sold a couple of times, but a previous owner recognized its historical significance and was renting it out on Airbnb for $725 a night. 

10. Trump Aberdeen, Scotland: He owns two golf course resorts in the land of rolling hills. The second course was purchased for $1.3 billion and has amenities like helicopter pads, golf lessons, 5-start restaurants, castle tours, and skiing. 


11. Tiffany Trump’s childhood home: The southern California home has a custom swimming pool and a private water slide for Tiffany. In 2013, the family sold the mansion for $2.2 million.

12. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills home: Although this home was designed by famous architect Richard Landry in 1981, Trump doesn’t like to visit it. He has said that he’d rather stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel when in town. No one knows why.

13. Trump National Golf Club: Memberships to the club are $350,000 a year, but that includes access to the course, pool and hot tubs, dining, basketball and tennis courts, helipad, and a fitness center. 

14. General Motors Building: The 705-foot building located on Fifth Avenue takes up an entire city block. After purchasing it, he installed his last name in four-foot gold lettering outside the building. Since then, he has sold it, and it’s now worth $3.4 billion.


15. The Commodore Hotel:  Donald Trump didn’t have the promised $250,000 that he offered for the NYC hotel, so his father talked to the deputy mayor and got a 40-year tax abatement approved worth $400 million. The hotel was sold in 1996 after it was updated.

16. Phoenix apartment penthouse: Nowadays units in this building that Trump once owned are worth over $1 million, which seems cheap compared to other properties on the list. 

New York Times

17. Hotel St. Moritz: The hotel has famous sweeping views of Central Park from the 775 hotel rooms within. In 1988, he sold it for $180 million. Today, it’s now known as the Ritz-Carlton New York.

18. Plaza Hotel: He wrote a letter to the New York Times explaining he didn’t just buy a building, but that he purchased the “Mona Lisa” of hotels. Unfortunately, this cost him $250 million and he lost 49 percent of his stake. He sold whatever he could.

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19. Trump International Hotel Las Vegas: Located right off the Vegas Strip, this 64-story luxury condominium building and hotel cost Trump nearly $500 million to construct. It was supposed to have two signature towers, but he opted not to build the second due to the recession. 

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20. The Adelaide Hotel:  The Canadian government did not like having the American real estate mogul own property in their country, so when he became president, they decided to take his name off the building and sell the letters one by one. The “M” went first.

21. Trump International Hotel Waikiki: He knocked down the Royal Islander and Reef Lanai hotels to make room for this hotel. The construction was completed in 2009. Naturally, the hotel has spas, bars, restaurants, a fitness center, a library, a cafe, and views, views, and more views.

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