The Biggest, Flashiest And Most Obnoxious Possessions That Donald Trump Owns

The exact net worth of President Donald Trump has been point of contention between his fanatics and haters, Democrats and Republicans, and all the news media alike. Some estimates put his value above $10 billion, while others claim it’s something closer $3 billion. One thing that isn’t in doubt: he loves spending money.

As a real estate mogul, a reality TV star, and now the President of the United States, Donald Trump has never been shy when it comes to making purchases and cutting the self-proclaimed “best deals.” Naturally, he’s accumulated seriously expensive assets, some of which are things of beauty while others, well… not so much!

1. Trump Sikorsky S-76 helicopter: Trump’s personal helicopter—worth between $5 million and $7 million—bears his name on the side. As of early 2018, it was parked on the helipad at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

2. Inside the Sikorsky S-76: When Trump bought this chopper, he gutted the standard inside in favor of a luxury interior completed with 24-karat gold-plated hardware and white leather seats.

International Jet Interiors via CNBC

3. The Mar-a-Lago resort: Trump bought this Florida resort in 1985 for $7 million. He originally offered $25 million, but lowered his bid after he bought the land between the resort and the shore and threatened to build a house that blocked the beach view.

Mar-a-Lago Club

4. The Mar-a-Lago ballroom: After purchasing and privatizing the property, Trump added 20,000 square feet in renovations, including a ballroom. Like his tower penthouse, it was covered in gold—$7 million worth, to be exact.

Mar-a-Lago Club

5. GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali: Valued at $15,000, only a thousand of these books exist, and every one was signed by Ali himself. Trump was a big fan of the boxer, and when Ali died, Donald Trump tweeted that he was “a truly great champion and a wonderful guy.”

6. Chevy Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car: Donald Trump was supposed to drive the pace car for the 2011 Indy 500, but he couldn’t make the event. That didn’t stop him from acquiring the car for his collection, however.

Motor Authority

7. Golf courses: Trump has owned not one, not two, but 17 golf courses, 13 of which are located in the United States. He purchased his Los Angeles course, seen here, after it went bankrupt when a landslide caused the 18th hole to fall into the ocean.

8. More (international) golf courses: Trump’s golf game didn’t stay local. He opened four golf courses outside the United States, including two in Scotland, one in Ireland, and one in Dubai.

Duncan Chard / The National

9. Trump Boeing 757 (Air Force One): When Trump wanted to move between homes and golf courses, he’d hop aboard his $100 million private jet, which now serves as Air Force One. It costs $10,800 per hour to operate.

Tomás del Coro / Flickr

10. Inside the Boeing: Inside of that plane, gold abounds. It can hold 43 people on leather couches and chairs, and rocks an entertainment system so that President Trump can indulge in all the Fox & Friends he can stand.

11. 1956 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce replica: Donald Trump apparently loved his first car so much, he commissioned Rolls-Royce to build him a replica. There’s no gold bumper, nor is “Trump” written on the side, but the car still seems so very Trump!

12. Trump International Hotel Las Vegas: Looming, shiny—and, you guessed it, gold—is Donald Trump’s Vegas hotel, which stands 64 stories tall at the end of the Las Vegas Strip. Contrary to the Las Vegas norm, the hotel doesn’t contain a casino, however.

13. 1993 Cadillac Allante: Not all of Donald Trump’s modes of transportation can fly. Though Trump’s cherry red 1993 Cadillac isn’t the flashiest car, it was the last model of the Allante ever to be made; it was the pace car in the 76th Indy 500, too!

14. Trump Winery: Years ago, Donald Trump bought the estate of Patricia Kluge, which included a vineyard and a winery. The mansion cost $6.5 million, while the connected winery and vineyard—which now produces Trump Wine—went for $6.2 million.

15. Gold motorcycle from American Chopper: When the guys of the TV show American Chopper made Donald Trump’s bike, they proved they knew him well. Covered in gold and boasting his name, the bike screamed Trump—and he loved it.

Harvey Gunawan / Flickr

16. The Seven Springs Estate: Eugene Meyer—once the owner of the Washington Post—built this 213-acre New York estate in 1919. Contracts prevent Trump from building on 159 of those acres, so there won’t be any gold-laced buildings popping up nearby.

17. Trump Tower: Built after he purchased construction rights to the space above Tiffany’s Jewelry store, President Trump’s most well-recognized asset stands 58 stories tall just south of Central Park. The building’s valued at $371 million.

18. Solid gold doors: Take the elevator up to the top floor of Trump Tower and you’ll find the penthouse suite, the former full-time residence of President Trump. Solid gold and diamonds comprise the front door, pictured here behind his daughters, Tiffany and Ivanka Trump.

Vanity Fair

19. Inside the penthouse: Open those front doors and you’re treated to a suite further decorated with gold. Chandeliers adorn the ceilings and walls, and the view from the window alone would be worth a buck to those looking to lord over Manhattan.

Sam Horine

20. Statue of Eros and Psyche: In the living room of the penthouse, you’ll find this bizarre bronze statue. In the mythological legend, the god of love, Eros, tricks a maiden named Psyche to fall for him. Greek art is all over the place, too.

Sam Horine

That was a lot of gold—and a lot of money! If there’s one thing no one can deny about the man, it’s this: he has lots of stuff.

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