20 Dollar Store Purchases That Can ‘Class Up’ A Home

When it comes to making the most out of what we buy, it’s usually the expensive things that really push us to get creative. That designer shirt that’s just a bit too long? Make it a dress! An old bracelet? Turn it into a necklace! But what about the opposite? What about taking something cheap – say, something from the dollar store – and making it priceless?

Most people don’t walk into a discount store in search of the finer things, but with a little imagination, even the most basic item can become a top-notch tool or a classy work of art. After seeing some of the unique and useful creations one can make with the help of their local dollar store, you’ll swear off convenience shops for good!

1. Believable Bookends: Some of the fancier bookends out there will cost you an arm and a leg. For a cheap, easy fix, mount some dollar-store figurines on a piece of wood and spray paint the whole thing to class up that bookshelf.

Love Grows Wild

2.We’re All Quite Thrifty Here: With just a few loose pieces of flatware, some glue, and a nice coat of spray paint, you can create a birdbath fit for a Hatter.

True Blue Me and You

3. Good Clean Fun: It’s safe to say most kids aren’t a fan of doing dishes, but this craft will have them racing for the rubber gloves. Simply snip off the fingertips and let your child’s imagination run wild! 

Raising Memories

4. Like Cup of Woah!: That’s what everyone will say when they see these awesome mugs. Just fill a lasagna pan halfway, drop your favorite color nail polish in, swirl the contents with a toothpick, and dip! 

The Sweetest Occasion

5. Delicious Decor: These chandeliers may look expensive, but they’re made out of cupcake holders! By gluing them onto a styrofoam ball, you can create beautiful ceiling decor without even having to empty your pockets.


6. Compact Collage: Who needs a pocket mirror when you’ve got a cellphone? The next time you spot a carton full of compacts at your local dollar store, pick up a bunch and glue them together to create a chic mirror.

Thistlewood Farms

7. No More Mess: Eating a meal or two in the car is about as common a sight as any; hit a pothole, however, and that burger is now a lint sandwich. Avoid the crumbs and dribble by using a shower caddy as an eating tray.

The Juicy Report

8. Bake Me a Candle?: The first thing that comes to mind with cookie cutters is, well, cookies! But those little shapes also work great for making candles. Pour hot wax in and once it has set, presto! Instant ambiance. 


9. No Place for Dry Erase: For a more aesthetically pleasing approach to a whiteboard, stick some colorful paper behind a dollar-store picture frame and use dry erase markers to write or draw whatever you wish.

One Little Project

10. BBQ on a Budget: No grill? No problem! If you’re looking to cook a few steaks without breaking the bank, just fill a lasagna pan with charcoal, lay a cooling rack across it, light, and watch as those cuts cook right up.


11. A True Goodie Basket: Tired of rooting around in that one drawer in search of your curling iron? Keep all of your beauty tools organized and within reach by mounting a supplies basket to the side of your sink.

Dream Green DIY

12. Basket Brilliance: Baskets aren’t just great for carrying lunch to grandmother’s house: they also make nifty shelves! Just pick up a few and mount each basket on your wall to create the perfect decor for any washroom.

The Kim Six Fix

13. Cord-ganized: When it comes time to charge a device, we often find ourselves rummaging through a tangle of cords. With the help of a few binder clips, you’ll never try to plug your laptop charger into your phone again!


14. Made For Your Mouse: Replace your old mousepad with this cool craft. Get some cork, some fabric, and a touch of glue, and you can create a custom mouse pad worth showing off.

The Crafted Life

15. Spruce Up That Soap:  Most dollar stores sell basic glass soap bottles, and when combined with some glass marbles and a few fake flowers, people will begin to believe that you’re royalty. 


16. Art You Can’t Walk On: Fancy doormats are one thing, but you could transform yours into art. For just a few bucks, and with just a bit of spray paint, any decorative mat can become an eye-catching piece of wall decor.

Salvage Dior

17. Pushpins For the Win: Plain candles can look a bit boring. To spruce up those unsightly sticks of wax, place a pattern of pushpins around the edges and you’ll be ready to host the fanciest dinner party in the land.

The Blissful Bee

18. Garbage on the Go: There’s been a handful of times when you’ve tossed a few dirty tissues to the floor of your car. To stop this happening again, fashion a cereal container into a mini garbage can for all your car-trash!


19. Not Just For Bikers: Ever wanted to pick up a stylish new bandana but don’t know anything about motorcycles? Well, lucky you! Why? Because bandanas sewn together make the perfect pillow cover.

Wonderful DIY

20. Out of Sight: It’s safe to say those spoons and spatulas aren’t the prettiest things in your kitchen. To keep utensils out of sight but still within reach, grab a few plastic hooks and mount them inside a cabinet.


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