Creepy House Filled With Mannequins For Sale Is Truly The Stuff Of Nightmares

Real estate can be a pretty cutthroat business. Sure, home is where the heart is, but the buying and selling of those homes is a competitive and lucrative undertaking.

The house market in Texas is particularly fertile ground for realtors willing to put in the work. Some of the homes are turnkey ready, but others need a little bit of finessing—to put it lightly—before they are ready to hit the market.

This poor realtor did their best to try and sell this beautiful property. However, there are  sometimes obstacles that even the best realtor can’t do anything about…

Like most real estate postings, this house in Richmond, Texas, lures in potential home buyers with a stunning shot of the home’s exterior. Pretty, right? It offers a picturesque landscape, and it seems like it could be a potential “yes” at first glance… but appearances can be deceiving!

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