Strangely Affordable Ranch On The Market Comes With One Big Eerie Catch

When you’re looking for a new home, there are all kinds of things you need to consider. There’s no overstating the importance of staying in your price range, making sure it fits your space needs, and, of course, “location, location, location!”

Yet there can be all sorts of questions that you may not even consider asking, important as they may be. You may not think to ask if a house is haunted, for example, but you certainly would be concerned if it was, right?

One home in Buckeye, Arizona, is sure to raise interest among potential buyers. But there’s a catch…

At first glance, the Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona, may look like a fairly ordinary home. Well, not ordinary, given that it’s 3,500 square feet and located in the middle of the desert, but certainly nothing about it comes off as strange. Heck, it’s not even a long drive from Phoenix!

Better yet, the Stardust Ranch has been put up for sale by WestUSA Realty, so it can be yours for a cool $5 million! You’d also have access to air conditioning, a swimming pool, stables, RV hookups, and even a gated entry.

There is just one catch, though, and depending on your level of skepticism—and your feelings about The X-Files—it may either be a selling point or a reason for you to avoid the property at all costs…

After all, the Stardust Ranch has been nicknamed the “Alien Ranch” for a reason. John Edmonds, the current owner, claims that he has frequently seen extraterrestrial activity on the property.

Not only that, but John claims to have killed no fewer than 18 aliens throughout his 20 years living there… with a samurai sword, no less! He calls the creatures “greys,” as they look like the short, bald, grey humanoid creatures that others have reportedly seen.

plaits / Flickr

John hasn’t walked away from all of these fights unharmed, and he has the injuries to prove it! Recently, he shared these “wounds from recent attack” by a “malevolent ET” on his Facebook page. Do you think it’s real?

John Edmonds / Facebook

During one memorable incident, John apparently walked into his bedroom to find three aliens making his wife levitate above the bed. Naturally, he grabbed his sword as soon as he could and killed the intruders.

PabloEvans / Flickr

With so much alien-killing experience under his belt, John says that he believes beheading the aliens is key, as they will disappear otherwise. His failure to do so is why there are no bodies, he claims.

Similarly, he described a time when his wife’s body floated all the way from the hall, to the yard, and all the way up to the alien’s spaceship, so he started shooting at them with an AK-47 and a double banana clip.

The ranch was also home to Hopeful Hooves, a horse rescue, but John plans on moving to Maine and starting a new rescue there as he leaves his old life of living in the desert and fighting aliens behind.

Obviously, there’s no way of knowing for sure whether or not John’s claims are correct. You’ll just house to visit the Alien Ranch and find out for yourself!

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