14 Awesome Inventions That Showcase How Far We’ve Come With Technology

It doesn’t take a keen observer to realize that modern technology has been improving at record speeds. It seems like every single year outdoes the previous one, and it doesn’t look like there are any signs of slowing down in the near future.

If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of incredible pieces of technology are available, just visit a convention like the Consumer Electronics Show, and you’re sure to have your mind blown a little bit!

Here are just 14 incredible inventions that showcase how truly unbelievable modern technology has become…

1. AirSelfie: We live in the age of the selfie. Everyone loves snapping a closeup of their face and uploading it onto their various social media accounts. The problem? You need at least one hand to hold your phone, which can limit your poses. The AirSelfie is a pocket-sized flying camera you control with your smartphone that’ll get the perfect angle, and it can be purchased on Amazon.

2. Animal thought translator: A company called the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery says that, pretty soon, we’ll be able to read our animals’ thoughts. The makers of this device claim it will be able to recognize electronic signals in the animal’s brain and translate them. The project is on hold due to lack of resources.

3. Skinner footwear: This footwear combines the comfort of a sock with the protection of a shoe. It slips on just like any old sock, but the sole is made with a durable material so you can wear them indoors and outdoors without a problem. (No word yet on whether you’ll need to remove them when you step into the house. Ask your mother.)

4. Phree: These writing instruments allow you to scribble notes or drawings on virtually any type of surface. A three-dimensional tracking optic engine sends your work to a Bluetooth device where you can view your finished product.

5. Morpher helmet: This head protection is just as durable as a regular helmet, but it’s much more portable. The helmets are specially designed with a fold in the center, so they’re collapsible and they store easily.

6. SPIN remote control: Are you tired of having multiple remote controls for all of your living-room devices? Well, SPIN is the solution. This device can learn commands and control all existing smart technology. The commands are also customizable.

7. Knops volume plugs: For those people who need noise-cancelling ear plugs, Knops are specially designed to allow four different levels of volume into your ears, from hearing everything to complete silence.

8. Moldable glue: A company called Sugru makes this moldable glue that eventually turns into silicone rubber. It’s ideal for any number of quick fixes, creations, and mountings. It attaches to nearly any surface, and it only takes a night to completely harden.

9. Wallet finder: Are you always losing stuff like your wallet or your keys? Tile tracker is a super thin Bluetooth tracker that fits easily in your wallet or attaches to your keys. Just download the Tile app, and you can “call” your items if they’re within 100 feet.

10. Orbitwheel skates: This invention is like a cross between a skateboard and rollerblades. You place both feet in the wheels and independently move them to start accelerating. They look much harder to get used to than they actually are.

11. Zackees turn-signal gloves: For those people who frequently ride bikes, these gloves come equipped with red glowing plates in the palms to give riders higher visibility to oncoming traffic at night and in bad weather.

12. Appbot Riley: Riley is a mobile robot who monitors your home. It connects to your cell phone and comes equipped with a microphone and camera, so you’ll always know what’s happening in your house when you’re not around.

13. FLYTE: This light bulb uses magnetic levitation to achieve its impressive look, and it’s wirelessly powered by induction. Just touch the base to turn it on, and the light bulb will begin to hover and spin freely in the air. Eureka!

14. TheraGun Muscle Massager: After a tough workout, this massage gun will help alleviate muscle pains and soreness in your upper and lower back, chest, shoulders, legs, arms, and hips. The company even provides online videos to show customers how it works.

It’s absolutely incredible how far our society has come with technological advances. These inventions would make great gifts for just about anyone on your list!

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