13 Cheap And Simple Hacks To Fix Problems With An iPhone or Mac

Smartphones have completely changed the way we operate as a society on a day-to-day basis. They’ve literally become extensions of ourselves, and we can interact with anyone from around the world with a quick swipe of the screen.

Whenever a new and exciting piece of technology hits the market, no matter how amazing it seems, it’s bound to have some sort of defect. This can be a huge inconvenience to the owner who now has to spend even more money to get their product fixed.

The good news is that there are cheap and easy ways to give your phone a quick fix without having to dip into your bank account. Here is a list of simple DIY solutions to everyday problems you might encounter with your smartphone.

1. Sometimes the TouchID on your smartphone will start to get sticky, or it just won’t work at all. Instead of taking it to a shop where you’ll spend way too much money to get it fixed, use a Q-tip and a little bit of rubbing alcohol to give it a quick clean!

2. It’s always important to keep your phone as charged as possible in case you run into an emergency, but sometimes the charging port can seem like it’s taking too long. Many times, the reason for this is the accumulation of lint in the corners and sides. Using a skinny instrument like a toothpick can clean it out perfectly.

3. Sometimes your phone’s earpiece may sound too quiet, or the person on the other end of the call comes across muffled. This problem is most likely also due to lint. If you take a pencil eraser and rub it on the speaker’s grill, you should be able to remove all of that unwanted debris!

4. Everyone’s experienced that moment when they’re hanging out with friends and they want to relax with some tunes, but they often find that the speakers on their phones just aren’t loud enough. Placing your phone in a bowl will actually help to amplify the music. The sound bounces off the inside of the bowl and fills the space much better than your phone’s speakers could alone!

5. After awhile, iPhone headphones tend to fray near the earbuds and the phone jacks. However, if you get your hands on some PlastiDip, you can dip your earphones in to give them an extra layer of protection.

6. Sugru is another great product to use for a cheap and easy fix. It’s a putty-like, moldable glue that can also help patch up headphones and cables; it can even replace the pads on the bottom of a laptop. How great is that?

7. Sugru also serves another nifty purpose: you can use it to make “bumpers” on the corners of your smartphone instead of using a bulky case. This will ensure that the screen won’t shatter if you drop it even from a high distance.

8. Another cool way to prevent cords from fraying is to use the spring from an old pen; simply remove it from the pen and wrap it around the cord. This will help your cords last much longer and prevent them from snapping, and you won’t have to spend money replacing them frequently.

9. Buying a dock to stand your iPhone up with is a huge waste of money. It’s literally the simplest thing to create on your own! Using two binder clips arranged at an angle, you can get your phone to stand up perfectly—free of charge.

10. If you don’t have binder clips available to make an iPhone stand, don’t fret! Using cardboard or another sturdy material, you can construct your own. Some strategic snips with a scissor will have your iPhone standing upright in no time at all.

11. Sometimes using a stylus is easier than your fingers, but that doesn’t mean you need to go out and spend money on one. Simply take anything that’s pointed, like a pen, and wrap a candy bar wrapper around it. Boom: automatic stylus!

12. Whenever people come across packages of silica, they always throw them out. However, even though the instructions do, in fact, say to dispose of them, they really are the fastest way to dry off an iPhone that’s been dropped in water.

13. The SIM card in your phone can be very difficult to get to using your fingers. If you have a paper clip handy, however, it can be easily accessible. Most people think that the metal may hurt the phone itself, but as long as you’re careful, you have nothing to worry about.

It’s always great to learn money-saving techniques. Any time you can give your bank account a break is a sure-fire win!

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