Why These 20 Celebrities Won’t Let Anyone Else Lay A Finger On Their Favorite Car

Planes, trains, and automobiles. Sure, each of these will get us to our destination in a timely manner, but which one we choose to travel by can make all the difference. Unfortunately, however, not all of us have the same options.

Though today many celebrities have chauffeurs and private jets, most still maintain their own need for speed – in style, of course. The often custom-made, over-the-top vehicles stars purchase can make even the most cautious driver put the pedal to the metal. Get ready for the top 20 celebrity-owned cars that are sure to rev your engine!

1. He may be the proud owner of seven luxury cars, but this Maybach Exelero is Jay-Z’s pride and joy. Estimated to be worth almost $9 million, how could it not be his favorite?

2. Dwayne Johnson would never play rock, paper, scissors against anyone for his Pagani Huayra. These stunning beasts typically ring in at $1.4 million, but of course, “The Rock” had to get it customized. 

3. Lady Gaga sure was on the right track when she purchased the Audi R8 you see below. This sleek machine may come in at a lower rate than the previous vehicles ($165K), but that doesn’t mean it turns any less heads.

4. Though he may be one funny guy, Jerry Seinfeld’s white Porsche 959 is no joke. With only 337 others in the world, it’s no wonder he had to add this classic car to his collection.

5. You’re not seeing double – that’s two, yes two, of rapper Nicki Minaj’s Lamborghini Aventadors. Estimated at almost half a million a piece, it’s safe to say Nicki loves to be sitting pretty in pink.

6. He shoots, he scores – a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, like our last celeb. However, Lebron James steered away from bubblegum pink and chose to go with a more camouflaged color. 

7. Justin Bieber may have ended up on driving down the same path as Lady Gaga in terms of make and model, but his customization is definitely different. Who knew he was such a belieber in leopard print?

8. This WWE superstar is no stranger to strength – and neither are his vehicles. An owner of over 20 American muscle cars, John Cena leans against his $300K Chevrolet Camaro with some serious pride.

9. Dishing out just as much dough as our last star, Missy Elliott can be seen cruising around in her purple Lamborghini Diablo 3 most days. And she sure knows who to work it.

10. Looks like Caitlyn Jenner is also a fan of the color purple with her $176K Porsche GT3 RS. Though not equipped with butterfly doors, that spoiler is sure to, well, spoil.

11. Just when we think David Beckham can’t get any better, he buys a beautiful Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. This British stunner (the car) racks up about $400K – and is worth every penny.

12. This 1995 Mercedes 300SL Gullwig Coupe is rightfully worth $1.8 million, and is also part of Jay Leno’s extensive, and expensive, classic car collection. The former Tonight Show host’s obsession serves him well.

13. Beyoncé Knowles was gifted this stylish $1 million 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II Convertible on her 25th, by no one other than her husband Jay-Z. Best. Birthday. Ever.

14. The pattern of celebs driving around in a Rolls-Royce continues with John Travolta and his old school $410k Phantom. This car is automatic. It’s systematic. It’s hydromatic. Why, it’s greased lightning!

15. Steven Tyler is known for his high vocal screams, but this Hennessey Venom GT Spyder demands just as much attention. Coming in at $1.1 million, this ride sure evokes some sweet emotion

16. We can’t tell if Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton looks better in a swimsuit or this Mercedes-Benz SLS 6.3 AMG… but we’re sure the $250K spent on this sick set of wheels is more than any bikini’s price tag. 

17. It should be no surprise that Ralph Lauren, one of the world’s wealthiest fashion designers, has this $5 million Vintage Bentley Blower parked in his garage. Looks like having a sense of style really pays off.

18. With hit after hit, of course Drake would reward himself with a Bugatti Veyron. And hey, for a measly $2.5 million, you could buy yourself one too!

19. This Porsche Carrera GT moves a lot quicker than a full round of golf. With Tiger Woods’ net worth being over $700 million, the $440K he dropped for this speed demon seems like chump change.

20. You can catch the one and only, Bradley Cooper, driving around in this sleek Mercedes-Benz G500 on the weekends – possibly enduring a hangover. Let’s just hope no one’s stuck in the trunk!

Ah, the life of the rich and famous… no wonder these celebs have so much paparazzi – just look at what they’re driving around town in!

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