Strange Alternative Uses For Bubble Wrap That Are Even More Fun Than Popping It

There are few household items as fun as bubble wrap. We all know that it was initially created to keep fragile items from being destroyed, but that still doesn’t stop us from wanting to burst all of those glorious bubbles!

What most people don’t realize, however, is that resisting the urge to snap, crackle, and pop can actually save you money. Yes, those tiny pockets of air can be used for much more than just protection and entertainment. Even crazier, this plastic product can transform itself into a tasty snack.

 There’s no denying that bubble wrap is one of a kind. What other household item can provide such satisfaction so quickly? But instead of pinching and stomping all the air out, there’s something else just as satisfying that you could be doing…

After a long day of running errands, nothing’s worse than realizing that you left your groceries in the hot car. We can all agree that warm milk and melted ice cream are probably the last things you want greeting you when you go to retrieve them.

1. Before wasting your money on those fancy insulated grocery bags, simply line them with bubble wrap! Your newly bought food will never go to waste again, no matter how many times it slips your mind.

2. Okay, so maybe this one is just for the ladies—or dudes with long hair craving a fresh bounce. To create these puffy rollers, first cut and roll small pieces of the bubble wrap into tubes. Then wind your hair around them and voilà, curls for days!

During the winter months, the last thing anyone wants to do in the morning is clean off their car. Snow and frost can really put a damper on your day, but it doesn’t always have to…

  3. Before a storm, or a particularly frigid night, place a sheet of bubble wrap on the outside of your windshield. Not only will this prevent frost from forming, but it’ll also make any snow removal a breeze. Just don’t overdo it.

4. Bubble wrap doesn’t have to be used for solely practical reasons, it can be used for creative ones, as well. By simply dipping the plastic sheet in some paint, you’ve suddenly got yourself the perfect stencil.

You can even use the inside of the wrap for art purposes. Check out this awesome paint filled bubble masterpiece! Just be sure there’s a protective layer of some sort… you wouldn’t want this popping all over your furniture.

5. That’s right, we said bubble wrap could even be used to make something edible—and it can! Check out this simple DIY trick to make a delicious, and quite colorful, snack.

That caviar-looking treat is actually jello! But exactly how is bubble wrap a part of this whole thing? Well, besides gelatin and a syringe, bubble wrap is the main focus in this recipe.

The first step in this process is to bring a pot of water to a boil. Then add some flavored gelatin, and stir, much like you would making regular jello. 

After the gelatin is mixed into the water entirely, it’s time to get out the syringe. This step only involves the barrel, so place that sharp needle to the side for now.

Using the syringe’s plunger, carefully suck up as much of the liquid gelatin mixture as you can into the barrel. Don’t pull up on the plunger too quickly as you’re filling it or you’ll risk trapping air inside.

Once you have the liquid in the barrel of the syringe, it’s time to attach the needle. Be very careful when doing this! One lapse in concentration will have you running for Band-Aids.

With the needle in place and the gelatin mixture ready in the barrel, insert the point into each one of the bubbles. Fill it up slowly to avoid any spillage!

Don’t be shy to ask for some help, those little bubbles can take a while to fill on your own. Do make sure it’s someone who won’t make a total mess of things, though…

Once you have the desired amount of air pockets stuffed with gooey goodness, place the sheet of bubble wrap in the fridge and wait. Usually it takes a few hours for jello in any container to solidify.

After the correct amount of time passes, your bubble wrap jello, is well, a wrap! You can either pop them out of the sheet with your hands, or use a pair of scissors to carefully release them from their plastic cages.

Lastly, enjoy your delicious jello bites! Who knew bubble wrap would be the culprit to bringing life back into this old fashioned snack? 

Want to spice up your snack skills with this neat hack? The video below will show you just how easy, and fun, it can be to make jello bubble bites!

These unique uses for bubble wrap are quite genius, but don’t worry, you can always just pop some for fun.

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