43 Brands That Will Fix Or Replace Anything Bought From Them For Free, Forever

When you go shopping, chances are you don’t stop and wonder about the return or exchange policy at the store in question. You just want to make your purchase and get the heck out of there!

However, when you spend a chunk of change on a product only to have it break or fall apart a few weeks later, it’s a different story. You can find yourself scrambling to get a replacement or refund, often with little success.

Thankfully, there are still companies out there who put your needs first. Check out these 43 companies who go the extra mile with their warranties to make sure their customers walk away satisfied.

1. Polar bottle: If you buy a Polar bottle and it breaks, the brand’s got you covered. “Every bottle goes through several levels of quality control before it is shipped out and our products are designed to last for years,” according to their web site. “That being said, we understand that things happen, so we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products.”

2. Cutco: These knife manufacturers take their craft so seriously that they will even repair your hand-me-down knives. “Cutco knives have been handed down from mothers to daughters, grandfathers to grandsons and between friends,” according to the company’s web site. “If at any time you are not satisfied with the performance of your Cutco product, we’ll make it right.”

3. JanSport: If you’re looking for a backpack that will last a lifetime, go for JanSport. “If your pack ever breaks down, simply return it to our warranty center,” JanSport says on its web site. “We’ll fix it or if we can’t, we’ll replace it or refund it.”

4. Manduka: This yoga mat might cost a small fortune at $108, but if you’re a real yogi and you wear your mats out, this might be the brand for you. They replace all of their worn out mats so that you can “om” in peace.

5. Feetures: This North Carolina-based company designs comfortable high-performance socks for athletes. “We stand behind the quality of our socks and want you to have a great experience with every product we make,” the company says.

6. Eddie Bauer: If you’re an outdoorsman, you can’t do better than the lifetime guarantee at Eddie Bauer. “Eddie’s philosophy guides us to this day. Every product we sell is designed to be the best and built to last. If anything you buy falls short of those standards, you’re invited to return it at any time,” says the web site.

7. Craftsman: This brand produces an insanely wide array of tools to help you organize and make small repairs around the home. You can also have every single one of their items replaced free of charge with proof of purchase.

8. Osprey: When you buy a backpack, it should last. At least, that’s what Osprey believes. They will replace or repair your bag unconditionally. “Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge—whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday,” it says.

9. Lands’ End: This clothing store doesn’t mess around with its guarantee. No matter when you bought something, you can return it and get your money back. “If you’re not satisfied with any item‚ simply return it to us at any time for an exchange or refund of its purchase price,” Lands’ End promises on its site.

10. Vermont Teddy Bear: Rather than just mention free replacements or repairs, these folks offer a visit to their “bear hospital.”  The company says, “Every once in awhile, a tragedy will strike—a dog attack, a chance meeting with a lawn mower. We are talkin’ FREE, full coverage health care for your bear’s entire lifetime.”

11. Duluth Trading Company: These no-nonsense purveyors of tough clothing and outdoor gear offer a “no bull” replacement policy. “If you’re not 100 percent satisfied with any item you purchase from Duluth Trading, return it to us at any time for a refund of its purchase price. Simple, unconditional, no nonsense, NO BULL,” they say.

12. Davek: If you’re like most people, you don’t spend a lot of money on your umbrellas. However, if you shell out between $85 and $325 on a Davek umbrella and it gets damaged, they will replace it at no cost to you.

13. Zippo: This premier lighter company’s motto on free repairs and replacements speaks for itself: “It works or we fix it free. We don’t make that promise lightly. We know that behind every Zippo product sent for repair is an owner depending on our promise to get it back in working order. Whether a windproof lighter is five years, 25 years or 50 years old, it will serve as a dependable source of flame for years to come. We guarantee it.”

14. Leupold: This company makes scopes for golfers and hunters. They will replace damaged products whether or not you are the original owner. “You don’t need proof of ownership. Or a warranty card. And there’s no time limit,” the company says. “We do this because we believe in superior quality and craftsmanship, and we’re confident your Leupold won’t let you down.”

15. Red Oxx: These travel bag makers take customer service very seriously. That’s why every single bag you buy comes with a lifetime guarantee that applies even if you happened to buy your Red Oxx bag used.

16. Darn Tough Socks: This sock company believes so firmly in the tough socks they make that they will replace worn out pairs, no questions asked. “If you were able to wear out a pair of Darn Tough socks, we’ll replace them. At any time,” according to the company’s web site.

17. L.L. Bean: This is a company that is practically defined by its legendary return or replace policy. “We make pieces that last, and if they don’t, we want to know about it,” reads the L.L. Bean web site. “If something’s not working or fitting or standing up to its task or lasting as long as you think it should, we’ll take it back.”

18. XIKAR: This cigar accessories company asks customers to drop damaged products in the mail for free repairs or replacements. “We are proud to offer our lifetime warranty on all XIKAR products,” They say. “If you feel that it fails to live up to our promise of fit, finish [and] function, simply return it to us [and] we will cheerfully repair or replace your product.”

19. Snap Circuits: This company designs kits that teach kids how to build stuff like their own FM radios, doorbells, alarms, and much more. “We hope that you have years of fun and learning with your Snap Circuits,” they say. To that end, they offer free repairs and replacements.

20. Dover Saddlery: This Massachusetts-based horse supply company has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on everything from saddles to horse blankets. “We stand behind the quality of our products, and should you not be satisfied with your purchase, simply return it and we will refund, replace or exchange it for you,” they say.

21. Orvis: These purveyors of outdoor products offer replacements and refunds on anything purchased from their company. “We care deeply about quality, and sell only what we ourselves would be proud to own or give as a gift,” said Perk Perkins, CEO of Orvis.

22. Away: This company designs suitcases and other luggage with built-in battery chargers for all of your devices. If the zippers or other hardware get damaged, they will repair them. They also give the battery a two-year guarantee.

23. MEC: Outdoor supplier MEC is known for their “Rocksolid Guarantee.” They will replace any item that doesn’t pass muster. “If the quality of an item hasn’t met your expectations, you can bring it back,” according to the company’s web site.

24. Columbia: This famous outdoor supplier doesn’t often a warranty for normal wear and tear like some of the others on this list, but if a zipper breaks, you can send it back to the company and they will determine whether or not it is eligible for free repair.

25. Patagonia: This is another supplier that takes its warranty very seriously. “We guarantee everything we make,” according to the company’s web site. “If you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, return it to the store you bought it from or to Patagonia for a repair, replacement, or refund.”

26. REI: This company got rid of its infamous “no questions asked” warranty, but they will still make free repairs or replacements on items with manufacturer’s errors. “If your item has a manufacturing defect in its materials or workmanship, you can return it at any time,” according to the REI web site.

27. Nordstrom: This department store has an interesting policy, which is no policy at all! Every return or exchange is evaluated on a case by case basis. “We’ll always do our best to take care of customers—our philosophy is to deal with them fairly and reasonably; we hope they will be fair and reasonable with us as well.”

28. Vortex Optics: This optical company prides itself on its VIP warranty. “You see, it doesn’t matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it. You can count on the VIP warranty for all Vortex Optics riflescopes, prism scopes, red dots, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, and monoculars,” according to the company’s web site.

29. Adidas: This popular shoe brand will repair your shoes should you discover any real defect. That said, that do not provide free repair or exchange for shoes that are simply suffering from normal wear and tear.

30. Jostens: This ring company has a limited lifetime warranty. If you are the original owner of the ring, they will clean, polish, and repair your ring no matter what happens to it—absolutely free of charge.

31. Le Creuset: This French culinary company offers a limited lifetime warranty on its cast iron skillets. While they won’t repair dings caused by daily use, if you find a flaw in the iron, they are happy to replace your product.

32. Tervis: This water bottle company makes and sells all different types of novelty water bottles. If you notice a flaw in your bottle, they will replace it or issue you a refund. They will not, however, shell out any money if you’ve caused the damaged through normal use.

33. Wüsthof: Since 1814, this knife maker has been a favorite of chefs the world over. They offer a lifetime warranty on their fine knives, with the caveat that the damage must be done to the materials of the knife, not normal wear and tear.

34. Rainbow Sandals: These sandals have a cult following for a reason. The company will replace your flip flops for “the life of the sole.” So until you wear through your flip flops, you have access to free repairs or replacements.

35. Filson: For this baggage company, their warranty is a part of their history. “In 1897, C.C. Filson said, ‘Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction.’ We’ve held that standard ever since. It’s gotten us into hot water on some days, but over a hundred years later we stand by those words,” the company says.

36. The North Face: This outdoor company provides limited warranties on most of its products, though they think you might not need them! “Your The North Face sleeping bag may not survive to the ripe old age of 70. (But we have heard from folks whose well-loved and cared for 1973 Superlight sleeping bags are still going strong!),” they say.

37. Skullcandy: This headphones company runs the gamut, from $15 buck earbuds to $250 master headphones—and they’ve got a liberal warranty policy. “For non-manufacturing defects, we will give you store credit worth 50 percent of the price of your product—we call this our ‘Aggressive Listener Credit,'” says the company.

38. Hydro Flask: This company wants you to enjoy their water bottles for decades. That’s why they will replace any bottle with a broken cap or with insulation that just isn’t doing its job anymore. Hooray!

39. Dakine: This outdoor company will replace or repair certain products free of charge, but only if you can prove that the problem originates from an error in manufacturing and not one caused by you yourself.

40. Cascade Designs: This outdoor supply company wants to keep as much garbage out of the landfills as they can. That’s why they offer a limited lifetime guarantee on most of their products, urging customers to come to them with their problem products rather than chucking them in the bin.

41. Chacos: These sandals are adored by outdoor types for a reason. They are strong, durable, and easy on the eyes. While they won’t repair or replace normal wear and tear, they are happy to give you a refund on anything broken during production.

42. Timbuk2: This luxury baggage brand is more than willing to help you repair your bags, but not if you find a subtle imperfection in its design. “Your Timbuk2 bag is sewn by hand and might contain some slight imperfections. Like Daniel Craig or Marilyn Monroe, the slight imperfections are what add character to an already awesome product,” they say.

43. Camelbak: This camping essential brand takes its “We’ve Got Your Bak” warranty seriously. “Got Your Bak isn’t just a group of words to us,” according to the company’s website. “It’s a culture. It’s a state of mind. It’s who we are. That’s why we put our products through the most rigorous testing in the industry. We want to make sure that product failures happen in the lab, not in the field.”

In an age where it seems like every single company out there just wants to take your money and run, it’s reassuring to see that there are still companies that value customer service. We know where we’re shopping from here on out!

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