17 Reasons Why Bottled Water Is One Of The Biggest Scams In The World

Since drinking water is an essential part of life, everyone wants to be sure they’re drinking the best, highest quality H2O at all times. For some people, that means cracking open a bottle of purified water.

Experts, however, are now suggesting that consuming bottled water on a regular basis is pretty much a scam. Besides the hefty price tag, there are a number of issues with choosing bottled over tap.

If you’re drinking bottled water regularly, these 17 facts about what makes it so ordinary will likely make you reconsider…

1. Bottle water was originally sold for therapeutic purposes: When the first ever bottle of water was documented in 1760’s Boston, it was sold by a company known as Jackson’s Spa. They bottled the water and claimed that it would have therapeutic properties for those who consumed their product.

2. Americans drink more bottled water than practically any other country: While it’s estimated that about 10% of all people worldwide consume bottled water on a daily basis, a large portion of that percentage is made up of Americans. The only country ahead of the United States? China.

3. Americans drink more bottled water than milk and beer: On average, Americans consume 12.8 billion gallons of water annually. That roughly translates to about 39 gallons per person. That’s quite a lot! In fact, it’s more than the amount of both milk and beer we consume every year.

4. Americans also drink more bottled water than soda: In the past, soda has reigned supreme as the most consumed beverage in the United States. That is, until 2016, when bottled water finally overtook it.

5. Americans are spending a lot on bottled water: In fact, the American populous is spending about 300 times more on bottled water than they would if they just stuck to tap. Experts suggest that people are spending about $1.22 per gallon.

6. Soda companies are investing in bottled water companies: Since bottled water is proving to be such a lucrative industry, other companies are trying to get in on the action. In fact, both Pepsi Co. and Coca Cola own major bottled water companies.

7. Bottle water is not better for you than tap water: Many people have long believed that this was the case. A recent study, however, found that, in all actuality, about 50% of bottled water is equivalent to tap water in regard to health benefits. Many bottled water companies, including Aquafina, were forced to alter their labels to let consumers know the truth.

8. Bottled water isn’t tested for contamination as often as tap water: Furthermore, it turns out that tap water is more regularly checked by the Environmental Protection Agency. This means, in all likelihood, it’s safer for consumption.

9. You can be more aware of what you’re consuming by drinking tap water: Tap water is still not necessarily healthier to consume. It does, however, make it easier for folks to know what they’re putting into their bodies.

10. The EPA likely isn’t keeping an eye on the quality of well water: Bottled water isn’t the only water source that’s not as regulated, though. People who consume well water will be shocked to learn this fact. As the EPA websites states, “It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain the safety of their water.”

11. Researchers claim that drinking well water might not be that safe after all: In fact, expert geologists have suggested that up to 13% of private well water is said to contain uranium and arsenic. So, best to stay away from the stuff!

12. Luckily, bottled water doesn’t contain lead: While their are many reasons to consume tap water, it is, however, the only form of water that has been found to contain lead. This is mostly due to poor regulation. It gets in there when lead pipes are used to disperse the H2O.

13. Most people drink bottled water because they’re concerned with tap water’s purity: Yes, when a series of Americans were interviewed about tap water, researchers found that 63% of the participants had concerns with tap water purity and pollution.

14. Producing bottled water isn’t environmentally friendly: Like many other plastic products, bottled water is made from crude oil byproducts. In fact, all of those plastic bottles really add up to a serious environmental issue.

15. It requires more water to create a bottle of water than goes into the product: A study conducted by the International Bottled Water Association discovered that American companies use about 1.39 liters of water to make a single 1-liter bottle of water.

16. Most people don’t recycle their bottled water bottles: According to National Geographic, only about one in six, or 16.67%, of bottles of water consumed are ever recycled by the consumer. That’s a devastatingly low number.

17. Lots of people can’t tell the difference between tap and bottled water: When researchers recently conducted a study at Boston University, where the participants drank both tap and bottled water, they found that 33% of the study’s subjects were unable to tell the difference.

Who knew that there could be such downsides to consuming bottled water. Looks like it’s tap from here on out.

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