30 Truly Bizarre Discoveries That Will Make People Jealous They Didn’t Find Them First

The rise of the Internet has revealed all sorts of breathtaking discoveries; it’s easier than ever to share what you find with just the click of a button, after all. Yet, out of all of the awesome things we share online, quite a few leave us just a tad nonplussed.

Here are 30 of the strangest discoveries that people have ever encountered in their travels and then felt compelled to share with the world. Some of them don’t make a ton of sense, while others are actually pretty darn neat. Still, each one is certainly more bizarre than the last!

1. “Found an ancient artifact.” That’s pretty ancient indeed! How many kids (and even teenagers) out there can still remember a time that predated not only smartphones, but flip phones? Probably not many!

2. “That looks like a birch tree.” Sure, perhaps it is, but that’s burying the lede a little, isn’t it? Clearly, the most interesting part of this photo is the fact that this tree’s lining closely resembles a clover!

Axeeel / Imgur

3. “Squirrels can be real jerks.” This may be an honest assessment, but if they really are pulling hilarious stunts like this intentionally, than you at least have to give them some credit for their creativity!

4. “Cats have always been a**holes. Second century CE (Roman) roof tiles found in Normandy, France.” Hey, we’ve all been there, right? It’s good to know that cats have been walkin’ all over your stuff since the second century.

matt_604 / Reddit

5. This user says: “108 years of repaving Indianapolis motor speedway’s asphalt.” Even the mere fact that this fast-paced sport has existed for over a century can be hard to believe sometimes. So it’s pretty crazy to see all of that time represented in one chunk of asphalt!

6. “Found this growing in my parent’s water meter box.” Now that is definitely something right out of a horror movie. Can’t you just imagine an unsuspecting victim getting pulled in by this disgusting stuff at night? Turns out, it’s the handiwork of a type of stingless Australian bee!

7. “Fifteen years ago, my dad lost his wedding ring and assumed that someone took it. Today, he was planting bamboo and found something shiny in the dirt.” That’s truly a miracle! This person’s mom must have been happy.

8. “I opened my frozen pizza to find that there were two pizzas in the box.” The factory worker packing these pizzas felt the need to bless someone with an extra pie for free. Whoever you are, you are a hero.

Stuhlpalatschinke / Imgur

9. “Photographer found himself dwarfed by driftwood on the beach.” What is it about unusually massive natural wonders like this one that makes people feel so much like we’re on another planet altogether?

10. “Opened a sauce pan at Ikea to find this.” That sure is one solid prank, especially when you think about the fact that somebody actually took the time out of their day to make a complete stranger laugh.

ex-mo-fo-sho / reddit

11. “Went out of town and neighbors watched the house and dog. Came home to find this… Must. Plan. Retaliation!” Hey, there’s nothing wrong with paying tribute to a fine actor like Samuel L. Jackson!

12. “Woke up in the morning to find my 80-pound Irish setter on top of my five-foot armoire. I have no idea how long he was up there.” Perhaps a better question would be: how did he get there in the first place?

13. “Felt a tickle on my big toe. Took my dress shoe off to find this guy. He had been in there ALL DAY.” That must have been startling, or perhaps even frightening, but this little guy doesn’t look like he means any harm!

14. “Is this the find of a lifetime?” That probably depends on your perspective. If you’re a bona fide coin enthusiast, it most certainly could be! Actually, this is pretty cool no matter who you are.

15. “I asked my friend that was visiting Japan to bring me back the most impractical iPhone case he could find and I would use it. Oh dear god, he delivered.” Size matters when it comes to phone cases, but not like this!

ImLyingToYouRightNow / Reddit

16. “Ahh the things you find working in a bakery.” This is a solid cover if you’re the culprit responsible for burning those loaves of bread. Plus, it could be a nice promotion once Game of Thrones comes back!

17. “Woke up this morning and went to the kitchen to find a baby owl.” Well, that’s definitely not something that you can expect to find every day in your kitchen… or just about any day, for that matter! It was nice of him to wash up the sink, at least.

18. “Lost a $10 bill last night and couldn’t find I for the life of me. Until little Ava came out of hiding, that is.” This cute kitty’s face is just priceless. She looks so scared and guilty! For shame, Ava. For shame!

19. “Excuse me! Could you tell me where I might find Apartment 9 and 3/4?” Hey, this is just the latest in a series of conceptual construction projects. Or maybe magic. Yes, definitely magic.

20. “Dragons are REAL! Alright, so what they actually found is a small lizard in Indonesia that greatly resembles a miniature dragon… either way it is awesome!” Maybe this guy hatched from those magic loaves of bread?

21. “So my dog likes to find balls, a lot.” Okay, so here’s the question: is this dog “finding” all of these stray tennis balls, or does he happen to have some other way of acquiring them? Is there an underground tennis ball ring somewhere?

TomLawrence / Imgur

22. “For months my cats have taken our hair ties and hidden them. We are moving today and just found all of them.” What is it about house cats that could turn them into such obsessive, insatiable hoarders?

23. “My friend got home after work around 2 a.m. to find his neighbor’s son after too much New Year’s Eve celebration.” This may not shatter the minds of any scientists or other intellectuals, but it’s still a pretty hilarious discovery!

24. “Came home to find my dad drying a crow with a hairdryer. I wish I was surprised at this.” Perhaps a more pertinent question, then, is what exactly does this say about this person’s father?

bgpk / Reddit

25. “Found Daniel Radcliffe as a woman in an old timey photo. Bonus: Harry Potter glasses!” That may seem like a silly exaggeration, but the resemblance is actually uncanny. Hopefully, this person avoided He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

gurblah / Reddit

26. “Cut down a tree at work today to find a golf ball in the middle that the tree grew around.” That may seem impossible, but as the great philosopher Jeff Goldblum once said, “Life, uh, finds a way!”

grnskpr / imgur

27. “Time to find a new line of work.” No one thinks the life of an electrician is an easy one, but who knew they also had to moonlight as reptile experts? That certainly wasn’t in the job listing!

28. “My cat’s face when I found one of her hoarding stashes.” Oh, come on. Don’t look so surprised, you troublemaker! With all of this junk that you were hoarding for so long, you had to know you’d get caught.

29. “I have finally found where I can buy a Nimbus 2000.” This looks as good a place as any to purchase the perfect broomstick to improve your Quidditch game, but wouldn’t you rather have a Firebolt at this point?

sleepy_badgers / Reddit

30. “My brother found this ‘life-bulb’ washed up on an Australian beach. It was alive, and it floated.” This is just part of the reason why you shouldn’t pollute the ocean! Soon enough your garbage will gain sentience…

These discoveries could really change the way people view the world. No matter where you are, chances are, there’s something interesting happening.

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