Weird Store Sells Stuff Recovered At Airport Baggage Claim That Passengers Unwittingly Left Behind

When you are flying there’s a lot to remember. Between figuring out where your gate is, to remembering where you’re parked, it can feel a little bit overwhelming. It’s no wonder that so many people often leave things behind at airports.

At the Unclaimed Baggage store and museum in Alabama, the forgotten treasures at airports go on sale to the public. You might think this means lots of cheap suitcases, and while that’s definitely true, that’s not the real reason people love visiting. The 19 weirdest items ever put up for sale may give you a better idea of why people from all over come here…

1. Rocket: A real-life, 15-foot rocket was a prized find when it made its way (in two giant boxes) to the store! As you can imagine, it was quite the conversation piece among staff members and shoppers alike. 

2. Hoggle from Labyrinth: You might not be familiar with the character by name, but this goblin-dwarf was central in the plot of the 1986 movie classic starring David Bowie. Peek his costume at the Unclaimed Baggage museum. 

3. Naval Guidance System: This is the only piece of equipment that helps guide massive navy ships on their way across different oceans. They can cost up to $250,000! Unclaimed Baggage did the Navy a solid and returned this one to them – free of charge. 

4. Rattlesnake: Yup, that’s right, a real live snake – and no this wasn’t in a cage and it certainly wasn’t a stuffed specimen. This snake was found inside of an abandoned bag that made its way to the store. Don’t worry, they didn’t sell it. Instead, they sent it to live at a local zoo. 

5. Billionaire Barbie: A woman shopping at Unclaimed Baggage thought nothing of buying her daughter a Barbie doll. They both got the shock of a lifetime when the doll’s head fell off and over $500 came tumbling out of her insides! Cha-ching!

6. A 5.8 Carat Yellow Diamond Ring: When a man’s proposing he can look for all sorts of places to keep the ring hidden. One man kept it so well-hidden that he actually managed to lose it, packaged inside a sock, at the airport! 

7. Violin: Some of the  most remarkable finds at Unclaimed Baggage are placed straight in their museum. A 17th century violin in immaculate condition is one of the treasures of their collection. Imagine the stories it has to tell…

8. Versace Gown: While most people pack clothing that is comfortable for their travels, that’s not the case for everyone. A Versace gown was left abandoned at the baggage claim just a week after it appeared on a runway in Milan!

9. Frogs: Another living animal made its way to Unclaimed Baggage in the form of a crate of 50 vacuum packaged frogs! Tragically, as you might expect, the frogs did not survive this ride, but their remains are on display at the museum. 

10. Suit of Armor: While this full metal suit was modeled after the real thing, it was actually a 19th century reproduction – but still, that’s pretty impressive. How do you leave something like that behind? 

11. Human Ashes: It’s hard to put a value on a human life, so Unclaimed Baggage opted not to when they discovered an urn of human remains inside a suitcase that made its way to their door. They quietly had the remains interred instead. 

12. Missile Guidance System: In order to make sure that the missiles shot by Air Force planes hit their targets, they need this kind of system… that was left at the airport! Can you say, “whoops”? 

 It even had a note on it that read “Handle with extreme caution. I am worth my weight in gold.” Luckily, the good folks at Unclaimed Baggage were more than happy to return it to the fine folks at the Air Force. Somebody probably had to run laps after that mix up! 

13. Headstone: That’s right, someone’s personalized, engraved headstone was never collected from the airport. This was good news for one Unclaimed Baggage customer who turned it into a coffee table.

14. Purse: No, not all women’s purses are created equal, and this purse sold at Unclaimed Baggage is proof. What makes this one so special? It’s made of a real-life dried bullfrog! Talk about fashion helping you stand out from a crowd…

15. Egyptian Artifacts: A mummified falcon and a real-life shrunken head dated from 1500 BCE were found inside of a Gucci suitcase left at the airport. Can you imagine leaving such treasures behind?

16. Limoges Vase: When a lucky shopper found a perfect Limoges vase at the store, they didn’t mind paying $80 to pick up the precious piece of pottery… particularly when they knew that it was actually worth $18,000! 

17. NASA Camera: In order to record footage in outer space, special technology is required. You would think that the folks at NASA would try to hold onto this special tech, but hey, after learning about what the Navy and Air Force left behind, I guess nothing can be that big of a surprise! 

18. A 40.95 Carat Emerald: It seems like if you are in possession of jewels that are worth a small fortune, you might not want to check them on your luggage like this person did. Particularly if you ever plan on seeing them again! 

19. Rolex: A platinum, Rolex watch valued at $60,000 stayed at the airport for a week before it finally made its way to Unclaimed Baggage. Can you imagine being wealthy enough not to notice that you even lost a watch like this?

Can you believe some of the things that people managed to forget at the airport? This list will definitely make you think twice before you race out to catch that taxi home.

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