There Are Dimes In Circulation Worth Almost $2 Million And This Is How To Spot Them

Most of us don’t think much about coins. Especially as banking continues to move more and more away from paper and metal, it seems like we hardly ever need to deal with actually change anymore.

However, sometimes the average coins rattling around inside of our wallets are worth more than the price of a cup of coffee or a quick snack. In fact, they could just be more valuable than you could possibly imagine!

In 1894, a few dozen dimes, called Barber dimes, were minted. When you hear how much they’re worth, you’re going to go scrambling through your couch cushions….

Chances are that, whenever you pay for groceries and you receive a handful of change, you don’t spend much time inspecting it. You’re in too much of a rush! Besides, coins are less and less useful in modern times, what with the advent of credit and debit cards.

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