14-Year-Old Sees House On Sale For $12,000 And Makes An Astonishing Decision

It’s not easy to make good money as a kid. Sure, some teenagers hold simple jobs as clerks or waiters, but when you have to go to school and don’t have sufficient experience, education, or reliable transportation, you’re lucky if you can make minimum wage.

That’s a shame, especially if we want to teach kids the value of earning and properly spending money from a young age. That’s why some teens have to get creative…

Fourteen-year-old Willow Tufano is no ordinary teenager. She’s quite an ambitious young woman, and when you see what she’s doing to earn a living, you might get a bit jealous!

When many adults think of their teen years, they typically imagine what it was like to be young and carefree. That could be a bit more romantic than the reality for most youngsters, although there’s a kernel of truth there.

As many unique challenges as there are that young people have to deal with every day, the fact remains that most kids don’t have too many responsibilities, at least not in the way they will once they hit adulthood.

Fourteen-year-old Florida resident Willow Tufano, however, is no average teen. A few years before she was even old enough to get her driver’s license, she became a homeowner and landlord! The reason might surprise you…

You’d be forgiven for wondering how on Earth such a thing could ever be possible, let alone feasible. After all, how could a girl her age even afford to own her own home? And is it even legal at her age?

The fact is that Willow is a bit more forward-thinking than most kids her age. Even daytime television show host Ellen DeGeneres was shocked when she heard Willow’s story—and she features amazing people all the time on her show!

Willow had saved up quite a bit of money, and she was looking to find a constructive way to spend it. The answer finally came to her when she noticed that a house was up for sale—and at a bargain price, to boot—on the popular website Craigslist.

Willow had some flexibility because she was being home-schooled, and she was also lucky enough to have a mother who was willing to split the cost of the house. Plus, Willow managed to negotiate to buy the house for just $12,000!

As you might expect for a house that cost as little as $12,000, the home was definitely what one would call a serious “fixer-upper.” Amazingly, Willow knew how to turn it into something nicer.

Take this very basic kitchen, for example. This is what it looked like when Willow first bought the house. It may not look like much yet, but just wait until you see what the 14-year-old managed to do with it!

That’s not all, though. Ellen was absolutely thrilled by Willow’s story, so you’re definitely not going to want to miss seeing what the talk show host did to reward the girl’s entrepreneurial spirit! Just wait until you see how this home turned out…

Willow is such an ambitious young woman. It would be great to have her as a landlord!

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